~~~ Mrs. Mystic and I went to visit some friends that had moved from our village to the city. (village.5mins away … town. 15mins … city.30mins) They were all-set-up. New house. New furniture. New car. New everything. ~~~ One of the big features was a button that controlled all the shutters. One push they, all… Continue reading Dreams

An innocent man

~~~ What is `the I`? The only sensible answer, is surely, the whole body/brain unit (including gut bacteria and inhaled air). ~~~ There are some answers that say it is a `particular part` of the `whole` … but I never could see how that made sense~!? ~~~ If it is `the whole` then fair enough… Continue reading An innocent man

All there is~!

~~~ All the molecules in `your` body have been pushed into the positions they are in, by circumstance. All molecular movements are pushed into shape, by circumstance. All thoughts and emotings are pushed out, by circumstance. There is nothing-else … but circumstance. ~~~ Circumstance never did create an `I` that could push it about. ~~~… Continue reading All there is~!