Looking-forward to things is wasting the now.

Doing a job badly is wasting the now.

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Internals are driven to keep moving.

Externals try to stop within limits.

Gurus get a buzz from helping people.  It is only natural.

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Everyone is doing something all-the-time, as long as they are alive.

Top one thousand most influential people are all externals.

Internals may be most reliable in a crisis.

Note for internals – Search and keep searching … Never get stuck on anything.

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Internals play with their own emotions and feelings, which makes them more sensitive.

Internals can also play with the emotions and feelings of others … as scientific research of course.

Are internals more serious than externals.  I think so, yes.

Externals don’t really take much very seriously.

Internals can always play internal games with themselves, where externals can have their toys taken away.


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I am not right in the head.

I say and write things, with the intention that they should mean something.  It seems that most people don’t … they just say the programmed response.

I may be still looking for something more that there surely must be to life … because, the obvious is obviously shit.

I can accept that the external looking mass-of-the-people will probably be more content than me.

I refuse to bow down to any teacher.