It makes sense


I am currently reading (listening to the audiobook) about the `Manson Family murders`.

It has rather shocked me.

The thing is … that the author, the man who prosecuted Manson, had to tell the jury what Manson’s `motive` was.

He found the motive … (that it was part of a plan, which would would end with Manson being the ruler of the world).

You have to have a pretty-good story for the jury to believe. It all has to hang-together. It has to `make-sense`.

How to convince the jury that the story was the correct one, he/I will come to later in the book.

Where I am up to now … he has put enough pieces of Manson’s life together, that `the story` all `hangs-together`.

This, as you may be able to imagine, is a remarkable achievement.

By learning enough about Manson’s past … the `madness` of Tate killing, makes sense..



Where does it all come from~?


I mean … you can add the bottom three together and call it `about 50 years`.

I mean … gosh … did something happen in the 70’s, or something~?


Debt … Did someone mention debt~!?


Can China Afford Its Belt and Road?
Financing its grand geopolitical ambitions will be harder than it looks.

Have they `costed` this plan~?


A war … they can’t afford a war~!






Level3. Baby


I think I get `in` to this, by quoting Gary (as most all of you `know` Gary).

He said, in a recent video, that he had only learned one thing from YouTube in the ten years he had been doing it.

That one thing, so he says … he learned from me.

I am going to call that one thing – `The Information Arrow`.

In its crude form … and I should note that this form is so crude, that it is effectively `wrong` … it is this –

“That I can control you, more than you can control yourself”.

The next part is what I am going to call `The Mystic Two-Step`.

The `Two-step` is very simple, but almost no one can perform it.

Now, let’s try and put the two things together –

You get to `The Information Arrow` via `The Mystic Two-Step` …

It goes like this –

“I can control you, more than you can control yourself”

“How come~?”

“Because there is no `you` to control yourself”

“Ahah, but if there is no `me` to control me, then there is also no `you` to control me”.

Here, it is necessary to understand that the `me` that is controlling `you` should not be thought of as a person, but as `an external circumstance`.

Or, put another way – The me, that is controlling you, is `a cause` … and `you` are `the effect`.

Note: The `me` (the cause) is also `just` an `effect` of other circumstances.
Note: The `you` (the effect) will (as quick a word-change) become a `cause` of something else.

The whole Arrow/Two-Step thing is based on there being no `soul-type you` that is independent of natural `causes and effects`.

Note: Most all the language, that we all have grown up with, implies that there is some type of `soul you` that is independent of natural `cause and effect`.


It is this lifetime of linguistic (and other) programming that trips up most everyone who tries to do the Mystic Two-Step.



Ain’t no mountain high enough


I don’t know if I am way-behind-the-times … but me thinks me better get down with some serious `password-manager` … like.

De dudes at Dashlane look like them is straight-up.

Is me missin’ da’mark, or not, or wot~?


I don’t quite know why Ray Dalio is here (Linkedin) but anyways … this is his latest `Big Picture`.

EU court rejects rare challenge to ECB authority by German bank


Easy to see the ` crash` and the `GFC crash` … but if you look back to 1929 there is nerry a bump~?


Siamo coerenti



Yeah … I’m getting on with this now.
Everyone should have one in a favorite’s folder

Cognitive Bias
Survival Guide

Manage the Mind to Make Better Decisions

Level2. at its best.





Daily Post
Pastor eaten by crocodiles while trying to walk on water like Jesus

“We still don’t understand how this happened because he fasted and prayed the whole week.”

What is this religion-shit all about~?

I think we can look at this in two ways –

1. The push.
2. The pull.

That is …

1. Like it is really quite likely that you will be a muslim if you were born in Cairo.
2. Brians seem to go out of their way to `grab something to hold on to`.

I am thinking that there is not much mystery to number one (is there~?) …

… but, number two is a bit more problematic.

*I am going to take a low Level (probably 2) approach to this*

Let’s start with `just something` to get us going –

“Some people get into religion, because they `give-it-a-try` when a teenager …
and find it impossible to admit that they have made a fucking great dick of themselves …
so, pretend they still believe it.”

*Note that `pretending to do something` for long enough, often makes it `real`.

I know it will make this untidy … but let’s open this up a bit.
Why do people get all giddy about whether one bunch of men kick a ball into a net (or not)?

I think it fair-to-say … that the explanation for religion will be the same as the one for supporting a football team.

I am thinking that it is all part of a thing called – `giving meaning to life`.

The Mystic question is –

Why does everyone think that life has no meaning … unless they grab on to `something`?

You can try –

“It is a bit much to say that `life has `no` meaning ` without grabbed things”.

Well fine –

Tell me what meaning it has …

that isn’t some sort of `grabbed-on-to` sort of thing~?