We have something wrong in our brains, that makes turn inwards to see what is wrong.

They do not have something wrong with their brains.

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Us (misfits) and Them (the game-players).

Of us .. there are those that believe in free-will, and those that don’t.

The brain is a committee (without a chairman).

Sometimes one party wins … other times, other parties win.


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There are Us and Them.

Us … Know life is shit, look inwards.

Them … Say life is okay, look outwards.

All of us are at the end of a chain of survivors, that goes back to the beginning.

Us … are probably misfits.

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Enlightenment is out of the normal, but brains (due to their complexity) can go really weird.

Love does seem to have something to do with something (but what … who knows).

Life’s game involves pretending / being a fraud.


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First there was the five senses.

Then emotions.

Then feelings (based on concepts/words/ideas).

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