You have your point-of-view.
It follows you about wherever you go.
Whenever you look … there you are, at the center of the world.
And, not just that … look … all your opinions have come with you.

Obviously, your point of view doesn’t `follow you about`.
You take it with you.
No … it is there, because you are there.

But if, one day, you are not there …
then, what is there~?

Now, these nice people say they are not there.
You, want them to describe what it is like `there`.
Not surprisingly … they struggle to explain to you that they just fucking-well said that `there is no one there`.
But no really, you say … tell me what it is like `not being there`.

With no point of reference, they are not there in time or space.
Words are for describing things in time and space.
They can’t tell you what having-no-point-of-reference is like.

Why do they sit at the front of people then~?
They want to tell people, that `not-being` is different from `being` someone.
But … words fail them.