In this Video —> I talk of some differences between what I have, for simplicity, called Eastern Religions and the English School of non-duality.
First, I have to remember the video for Richardo – Rupert Spira
Second, the promised links –
Lisa (dark haired Lisa)
Rebekah (dark skinned Rebekah)
Ella (the gobby one)
Jim (ever-so-nice Jim)
Third, I have to apologize to Troll. I said that Kundalini was crap. It was not politic of me to say so. I think it is fair to say, that I don’t know what Kundalini is … so am not in a position to say that it is crap. … So, sorry about that. (although I do think it’s crap)

Hopefully, the video was as clear it could be, covering such a huge subject in ten minutes.
This stuff is like banking … it necessitates learning a new language. Words have to be mashed and mangled in the effort to describe some of this shit.

For people who can’t relate to the bleak message of the English School … have a stab at Rupert Spira.

Overall, the big-thing-dividing-point here is – Is there a person here/there that can/should do stuff~?
The `ego-people` will go with the Eastern view.
The `not-so-ego-people` may be able to handle the English School.