I’m still a wondering what goes on in a thicko’s head.
I’m am going to guess that it is as thoughty as you and me …
… only, the thoughts are different.
I imagine that the `thought runs` are of the `common sort` –
that is –
1. Is Harry going to marry Sally~?
2. Will one team beat another at the week-end~?
3. More comparisons of what people have (don’t have).
4. Basically … shite.

Can it be noted that these types of thought do not lead to, what me may call – `better thinking`.
Because the thoughts are not `analytic` they have no depth.
Nothing much is being `worked out`. It is all very two-plus-two kinda stuff.

I imagine that if the thinks go beyond two-plus-two … then things will quickly default to what the `thinker` `wants to happen`.
Nothing is really analysed … it is just `playing at thinking`.

Without the benefit of being able to analyse situations, these people will continually make stupid mistakes.

These people are going to become a real problem for Western Economies.
They are a dead-weight.
Obviously it is best to teach them how to think … but, Governments are moving away from this line of attack.
They are going to be `cast out` … but will always be a permanent nuisance to society.