Level3. Baby


I think I get `in` to this, by quoting Gary (as most all of you `know` Gary).

He said, in a recent video, that he had only learned one thing from YouTube in the ten years he had been doing it.

That one thing, so he says … he learned from me.

I am going to call that one thing – `The Information Arrow`.

In its crude form … and I should note that this form is so crude, that it is effectively `wrong` … it is this –

“That I can control you, more than you can control yourself”.

The next part is what I am going to call `The Mystic Two-Step`.

The `Two-step` is very simple, but almost no one can perform it.

Now, let’s try and put the two things together –

You get to `The Information Arrow` via `The Mystic Two-Step` …

It goes like this –

“I can control you, more than you can control yourself”

“How come~?”

“Because there is no `you` to control yourself”

“Ahah, but if there is no `me` to control me, then there is also no `you` to control me”.

Here, it is necessary to understand that the `me` that is controlling `you` should not be thought of as a person, but as `an external circumstance`.

Or, put another way – The me, that is controlling you, is `a cause` … and `you` are `the effect`.

Note: The `me` (the cause) is also `just` an `effect` of other circumstances.
Note: The `you` (the effect) will (as quick a word-change) become a `cause` of something else.

The whole Arrow/Two-Step thing is based on there being no `soul-type you` that is independent of natural `causes and effects`.

Note: Most all the language, that we all have grown up with, implies that there is some type of `soul you` that is independent of natural `cause and effect`.


It is this lifetime of linguistic (and other) programming that trips up most everyone who tries to do the Mystic Two-Step.



  • CSArichardo

    Yes if I isolate myself on OTP it would be Mystic controlling me all day !

    Gary has a good point.

    Therefore the more people you interact with in a day “the more people that can influence you” !? Maybe it’s actually “the more people you can influence” ? So what determines which way the wind blows ?

    • It is always 100%.

      That is … People are a part (or not) of circumstances/causes.
      Circumstances/causes (circum-causes) always add up to 100%.

      `You` are always being 100% influenced … and `I` am always being 100% influenced.

      That is – You are always 100% circum-caused … and I am always 100% circum-caused.

      You are always a circum-caused effect … and I am always a circumcaused effect.

      And … everything we do is a circumcaused cause.

      Everything that is, is a circumcaused effect (and a circumcaused cause).

      Everything is always a circumcaused cause and effect.

      • CSArichardo

        Not sure you answered my question ? Yes we are all 100% a sum of the two.

        “So what “”determines”” which way the wind blows” ? The fact that your being as a piece of living tissue might be 80% an influencer and 20% influenced ?

        • CSArichardo

          Oh I think I just remembered. Chance or circumstance !??

        • Your question shows that you have not understood what I am talking about … so it is very hard for me to know how to know what to say in reply.

          This thing is not personal, so it doesn’t matter.

          • CSArichardo

            ok 100% influenced. I suppose in the old days it was some animal chasing us for food that influenced how we developed into a hunter ? Today with more people on the planet we are typically getting influenced by other people more than other animals ?

            • axel1million

              Try this.
              Think of people and animals as molecules in a volume of gas.
              To ask which molecule is ‘influencing’ which other molecule is the wrong question.

              Equally, to say the forces that are acting on the molecules are ‘influencing’ them is also wrong.
              The way it is that the forces are there minding their own business(just being)and the molecules move according to the beingness(not a good word I agree, but just go with it and I think it will open the door) of the forces.

              One more step and we see that the forces and the molecules are the same thing.
              What the human brain sees is patterns – I deeply deeply suspect that all there is to existence.

              • axel1million

                Some level 2.

                “Someone kills the pain
                Spinning in the silence
                To finally drift away.”


                • axel1million

                  I never liked the term R.I.P.
                  Youtube comments are full if such things – maybe he doesn’t want to R.I.P maybe he wants to party on!
                  After all, be yourself!

              • CSArichardo

                What I see is my reality ? What reality are you creating for yourself !


                • If you have no free will, then you are not creating reality for yourself.

                  Because, there is no `you` worth calling `yourself`.

                  Note the use of the word `worth`.
                  What is a `you` worth if, it is 100% pushed-around by circumstance~?

                • axel1million

                  Well., I will admit that ultimate reality is probably impossible to know.
                  Are we creating our own reality? Well again its possible – however everything we know about science suggests otherwise; just as I explained in my volume of gas example.

                  • axel1million
                  • Haploid

                    everyone has their own yardstick from which they base a version of reality on. It’s not the reality but their reality. Question is, is the yardstick correct off course the yardstick all be determined by programming. Just as a hellsangel member will start to love and ride motorcycles. But his reason for loving and riding motorbikes may not have been due to him joining the hellsangel club that may have been due to another reason altogether. But in the end he will ride his motorbike, doesn’t matter what caused this.

                    Here’s some ‘abstract’ music to get you in the mood to know what im saying:


                    • axel1million

                      Objective things – universe yardstick.
                      Subjective things – individual yardstick.

                    • Haploid

                      subjective things – OK – understandable
                      Objective things – the universe…why???

                      Why not look to Confucius or Shakyamuni Buddah or LaoZi for objectivity~?

                    • Haploid

                      When you say the universe that just says to me you have to understand yourself, why make the universe your ‘idol’, You are more worthy than the universe of objectivity. You yourself a microcosm of the macrocosm (universe) so why not look to yourself rather than the silent universe because getting answers from ‘it’ is like getting blood out of a stone

                    • axel1million

                      …cause its like the father the son and the holy ghost.
                      The father is the universe.
                      I am the son.
                      …and the holy ghost is the subjectivity of the son.

                      Also, these three are one.

                    • Haploid

                      ahh so you are a closet-christain, as I don’t presume you are an actual christain since I don’t recall you professing belief in a branch of Christianity – unless I missed it somewhere in the past, makes sense ;)

                      Everyone is ‘coloured by some sort of tradition or other even if they don’t admit complete utterance

                    • axel1million

                      “A closet – christian”?
                      I am the Christ. Look at my avatar there is a clue right there.


                    • Haploid

                      yeah , but I thought the avatar was just tongue and cheek~?

                    • axel1million

                      No no, not at all.
                      I really am the Christ.

                      …just not the one in the fairy stories!
                      I’m the real deal.

            • Well yes … I suppose I am have to go back and get you.

              I can’t think what to say … so I will ask you a question, perhaps –

              Do you have free-will~?

              • CSArichardo

                No..but “can you get the universe out of your way” ?


                • axel1million

                  The universe is the way – just like the obstacle!

                • Okay … You said no.

                  Now … tell me what the point of thinking `you` are a `you` is, when the `you` can’t do anything~?

                  • CSArichardo

                    The “you” is only my linguistic trap ! Not sure if it shapes my thinking.

                    I suppose it’s easier moving ahead not using the “you” to describe “me” in a universe where there is no “me” to describe as “you” !

  • axel1million

    I suspect ’cause and effect’ are just patterns of brain interpretations.

    I think this will be higher that 3. Things happen at quantum level(no one knows what it means) then the brain gives ‘meaning’ to those patterns.

    Hey who knows! I suspect well never know.
    If we were in a simulation and we found out we were in a simulation, how would we know if that was part of the simulation or not?

    Vanity of vanities! All is vanity!
    In other words, all our efforts to find ultimate truth are futile!

  • Axiomovation3

    Very good post!
    (It’s very very far from foreign to ‘my thoughts’)

  • CSArichardo

    Victim of Life’s Circumstances


  • CSArichardo

    I sense Level 3 is a belief. Like a religion !

    So what are the top 10 commandments of Level 3 ?

    The universe is the flow.
    You, as a being, are one with the universe.
    Accept circumstance.
    Go with the flow but watch out for that tributary or branching.
    The mind stays busy thinking and your body stays busy eating.

    By the way that is intended to be a Level 3 question !


    • A Level2. answer –
      Your ego is panicking and trying to maintain control.

  • amoeba

    Too much money in the world????



    110 Million Greenbacks?????

    Fuck, reckon I could knock one of those out.

    USD 500. Any takers?

    At say USD 50,000 annual salary for a budding artist, he could employ around 50 artists for life, all bringing up families and consuming.

  • amoeba

    Too much food in America????

    We have visited this before.

    “A 2015 study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimated that 30% to 40% of the total U.S. food supply is not eaten but simply thrown away or left in the fields to rot. The USDA and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2015 announced a national goal to reduce food waste by 50% by the year 2030.”

    What does this mean? Will the yanks will eat it all, making them fatties even fatter than before.


    Still, it’s good to know that there will be no upward pressure on food prices for a while.

    I like a bt of deflation for my breakfast.

  • amoeba

    Too much money????

    Or too little????

    Once again I have been confuddled by the “news”.

    On the one hand I am led to believe that the average Yank is heading into retirement laden up with debts and withought two dimes to rub together.

    And on the other hand they are loaded with assets.



    Come on, gimme a break.

    Are they going to live in penury as dumpster divers or travel first class and stay in luxury hotels?

    • The assets and debts are just about all `houses`.

      The `house-people` are unlikely to have much of a problem.

      It is the `non-house-people` that will struggle.

      • Axionication3

        Generalisationisimo: You own a house-you are sorted. Don’t own a house-you are fucked.

        • amoeba

          Generally the peple that do not own a house are the ones that cannot afford to, so they are somewhat fucked anyway.

          Apart from a house in the UK which was confiscated by by my beloved ex-wife along with a bunch of GBP’s, I have never since directly owned property. It is immobile.

          However I find an “exposure” to property through REITS provides a much better alternative, totally liquid and tax free.

          • Axionication3

            Yes, what you say on house ownership is naturally true . But, I think it does go slightly deeper.

            Womenzes are tricky creatures…

            • CSArichardo

              My mother just sold her house in a small village. It did not make a lot of money but will be enough to subsidize a retirement residence for her. It was a great investment but to earn it she saved every penny. Never went to a movie theatre, clipped coupons, etc. People make choices ??

              Selling off your home still remains the future for the baby boomers who are beginning to reach age 70 and will all be wanting to sell their homes in the years ahead. I think real estate is due for a correction eventually!?

              • No … I don’t think so.
                People have loads of slack … things they can drop, so that they can afford the house.

                If there is to be a problem … it will be a `come around` sort-of-thing.

                That is – The economy suffers, because people are dropping other things, so that they can afford the house.
                If the economy suffers enough … enough people may lose their jobs … and lose their houses.

                • CSArichardo

                  Yes that is another likely scenario as everything is a monthly payment today whether you borrow it or not !

              • amoeba

                I hope she lives on for a few interesting years. Be a bit sad to save it all up and then not be able to enjoy any of it.

                Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to have the reverse side of the birth certificate filled out. It would make the planning a whole lot more easy. It would also be interesting to conjecture how it would change our perception of life and death.

                The problem is that the bloody boomers do NOT want to sell off and move to smaller houses. They want to keep the large houses because that is where they have always lived, there are spare rooms for all the grandbrats and the idea of not being able to pass it on the kids is a total anathema. Expecting the government to do something is a waste, as the wrinkly old gits will all be up in arms.

                Also the old’uns do not die altogether, it is a long staggered trudge to the undertakers, which is more or less matched by new brats and immigrants. So I do not expect a huge sell off.

                There have also been forecasts that the stock market will also collapse as the oldies take out their pensions. I think this is also a bit of fake nonsense. But Japan will show us the way. And the BoJ is bingeing away at the stock market and government debt, so far no collapse.

                I have absolutely no doubt that the West will do exactly the same.

          • CSArichardo

            I think in Canada REITS generate interest income and are 100% taxed at the marginal rate. You have a pretty good deal in the UK if they are tax free.

            • amoeba

              I am neither in the UK nor in Canada.

              • CSArichardo

                Right !

        • The thing is … that the bank will help you keep up your payments.
          Basically, you get in … and they will try and keep you in.
          You have `joined the club`.

          • amoeba


            With the “Help to get on the ladder” schemes I reckon it is the governmet’s plan, in cahoots with the banks, to keep them all in debt from cradle to grave.

            On the treadmill, heads down, let’s grind off the noses.

            • Yes.

            • Axionication3

              Yes, governments stumbled on the ‘recipe’. Banks are only too happy to keep providing the ‘ingredients’.

              (((It’s one Fucking Unholy Alliance)))

          • Axionication3

            Yes, 100% it is the ‘clubiness’ of it. This is the deep part.

            The fuckbunch of houses (owners) aggregate to make the banks what they are. They are the mini tbtf’s.