Think small


The Low Level thing about life is that it ha no `ultimate` purpose.

“No worries” … say the fucking people … “we can make some short-term `purpose` and that will do for us”.

The above is the `wordy` justification for what really goes on.

`Mother Nature` having nothing-better-to-do … just keeps on reproducing.

Life goes on, for no particular reason … and people will tell you that this is just fine with them.

“After-all … it is natural … it is the way it always has been …”

Strangely, they are the `fatalists`.
What could they do … but to go along with what everyone has always done~?

They make new life and tell it that it has to … `make the most of it` … like they have.

Fucking people life is turned into Naturalist Fatalist Stoicism that sings that `while we are here, we may as well try and enjoy it`.

The natural extension of this attitude, is to live in a superficially silly way.

Always steer-clear of thinking to deeply … just-in-case you get a glimpse of your own superficiality.

But, even more strangely … `understanding` any of these things doesn’t really change anything, because nothing much is changed.

People still see themselves as a `little thing in the head` that – does the thinking, accepts, rejects, decides what to do based on the available information given … but the `people` is not actually like this … so, little known to them, they can actually entertain these other thoughts without any fear of `getting broken` by them.

People feel that they are such a small little thing (in the head) that has to do so much.
This is bollocks.
People are being pushed along by a tsunami of circumstances (billions of years in the building) … People are unstoppable powers.



Talk about not wanting to admit anything in …

Bundesbank corrects textbook mistakes on money creation, rejects 100%-money

Just watch how economists are going to try and jump round this~!

This one … `Oh yeah, money creation, yeah, whatever … but 100% backing … that is the question … and this is what I think …`


It is all because people feel themselves to be so small … that they have to act so big.



  • Axionication 3

    Good post.

    • Thank you.

      More power to the non-people~!

  • amoeba

    Is it not that the tsumani of circumstances is the unstoppable power and the feeble peeps are just swept along?

    • I really smiled (am still smiling) (nice like, not snooty or nasty).
      Have you read the latest Coppola piece~?

      • amoeba

        I have now.

        I have just made my voluntary NI contribution for last year, so I am firmly on the side of “I have paid in and so the buggers should pay out”. I reckon this is akin to a contract, although successive governments keep fiddlin’ an’ fuckin’ with it. I have already posted about this behaviour.

        Francis does not appear to have grocked the concept that the government can simply pay the pensioners and that governement budgets are not limited by the taxes. I do not know why, she has a reasonable grasp of banks, and we know what them fuckers can do.

        But I have to agree that the property prices are very detrimental to the economy, the paper she referenced indicates that the government is aware of this. But again, it has sat back and encouraged rising prices and help “getting on the ladder” as a certain vote getter.

        However, I disagree that it is my generation that has screwed it all up. Firstly we have external global trends of technology and manufacturing bringing down prices and wages, and secondly the UK has had one bunch after another of incompetent incumbents polishing the benches of Westminster with their voluminous bottoms.

        The general peep is just trying to maximise what he can. The government’s job should be to limit the damage and steer the entire ship in roughly the right direction for long term economic success. Germany manages to do this, the huge nations of China and India manage to do this, even the USA manages to do it.

        The UK does not have a national vision, except “we are a caring nation”. Which I have criticised before.

        • Do you pay a `scammy little` contribution … or the full seven hundred and something~?

          • amoeba

            I am an expat self-employed international business and computer consultant.

            => scammy little 155 odd quid.

            However, I do not qualify for any of the benefits, and may not get the inflation increases either. You could be in the same boat, as after Brexit there is no current obligation for the UK to give expats in Europe the increase either.

            • There is no obligation to give anybody anything.

              • amoeba

                There is the moral obligation, plus the hatred that would be blasted onto the politicians would see them out of a job for ever.

  • amoeba

    Always good to check out your cognitive biases every so often.

    Here’s a handy survival guide.

    • Kinda Kahneman on one Internet page … handy~!

  • amoeba

    Where there’s a will, there is a way.

    “On April 30, Germany established a new national record for renewable energy use. Part of that day (during the long May 1 weekend), 85% of all the electricity consumed in Germany was being produced from renewables such as wind, solar, biomass, and hydroelectric power.”

    ““Most of Germany’s coal-fired power stations were not even operating on Sunday, April 30th, with renewable sources accounting for 85 per cent of electricity across the country,” he said. “Nuclear power sources, which are planned to be completely phased out by 2022, were also severely reduced.””

    Good job!

    Now if only the Brits could stop the sour grapes and try to keep up.

    I fear, however, it is too late, as they shut the door on the world and wear woad.

    • Haploid

      ABout Brits, I have just gone through so many damning links on propaganda against the tories from various social media to non social media. All I can say is if the brits still vote them in and don’t atleast give corbyn a chance then this country has well and truly had it.

      • Haploid

        NOt propaganda actually but blatant truths, full truths not even halves

        • amoeba

          The UK has sailed up the smelly creek and lost the paddles. Corbyn is not a viable alternative to the Tories.

  • CSArichardo

    Good for the Germans ! Must have been a sunny weekend ? Here in Canada (Ontario) power is almost half price on weekends (non peak) as opposed to during the work week (peak rate)…. so the German statistic probably has been a little padded using the least demand day of the week, namely Sunday ?!! I mean they can always buy electricity from France (nuclear) when they need it !!?

    • “Good for the Germans” yes, and it probably does deserve a `!`
      “Must have been a sunny weekend” not necessarily, so yes, it deserves the `?`
      “Here in Canada (Ontario) power is almost half price on weekends (non peak) as opposed to during the work week (peak rate)…. so the German statistic probably has been a little padded using the least demand day of the week, namely Sunday” is good solid fact-stuff, so does not need `?!!`
      “I mean they can always buy electricity from France (nuclear) when they need it” is a crappy add on, that is not made any less crappy by adding `!!?`

      Punctuation is meant to help the reader … not to work as a `bottom-cover` for the timid~!