Well adjusted


There are times when I think that I should somehow charge people money for reading OTP.

It doesn’t last long as a think, because I know I do it for me … not for you.

There have been times lately, when I have thought of paying the commenters money.

These ideas don’t last long either … but the fact remains, that I get an awful lot out of them.

From comments –

Banks can `just buy shit` with keyboard strokes … classic funny-money.

This gave me such a wonderful feeling of freedom. Kind-of vindicating my vague notion that human-life is totally ridiculous.

From comments –

`Humans are genetically predisposed to take interest in things.
… and …
having taken an interest …
… feel connected to the thing they have taken an interest in`.

This is so very simple, but also profound … that it makes me really quite happy (in a Level2 sort of way).


You can have tech-shit up the wazzoo, but this is what the modern world gives you –





Indian solar power prices hit record low, undercutting fossil fuels
Plummeting wholesale prices put the country on track to meet renewable energy targets set out in the Paris agreement

Maybe all that coal won’t get burnt after-all.


More Is More


If not Britain, where? The case for a French Industrial Revolution



  • Axionication 3

    It’s kinda funny, I watched the video (very good) and now I am thinking fast and my internal monologue has gone all chipmunk on crack. Wonder how long it lasts.

    I seem to be with the masses in thinking that Google will be the most giantly corporation that did ever do the existing.

    Where did you get the shipbuilding article? (It’s seems to be my bag-o-jollies this production human/machine thing.)

    • That is a very interesting point. I have thought to bring it it up often.

      I often mimic what I have just been watching/reading/ etc.

      The point I would have brought up is this –
      Are we different, or not~? … Or, is the degree of our difference important~?

      That is (scientifically we have active mirror-neurons) … we imitate others (not consciously).

      Could it be this that leads to the empathy that all have … but some have so much that they just can’t bear it~?

      • Axionication3

        It is indeed interesting. (I often play little accent games with myself (Indian seems to be my favourite))

        I often think as you have proposed on empathy.

        I only feel empathetic when thinking on or viewing the subject of my empathy (sorta obvious). When ‘I’ ‘look away’ the empathy is gone. Easy peasy,
        I think/believe that some people stay ‘looking’ for extended periods. This is going to hurt (how could it not).
        Predisposed I tell ya;)

        How did you find that shipbuilding production article? What was the process?
        (If I may ask)

        • The shipbuilding article popped-up on my Twitter feed.
          Most of the OTP stuff stuff comes from my Twitter feed.

          • Axionication 3

            How does a twitter feed (thing) work? Is it algorithm sent food according to acquired taste?

            • Axionication 3
              • I don’t understand any of that Twitter algo stuff.
                I doubt it really comes into play (although I don’t know because I didn’t (want to) understand it).

                Twitter is very controllable.
                I don’t get any idea that anyone does anything but me.
                I run my Twitter shit.

            • No. A boy finds out who is Twittering and `follows` them.

              All of Mystic’s angels tweet.

              Basically … just about everyone Tweets. Everyone in the `economic` community anyway.

              I could give you my list, but it is probably better if you do your own.
              Before thinking of getting on the Tweet thing … do something like make a short list of people you would not feel silly `following`.
              Get on the Twitter and find them.
              Follow them for a while and see who they regularly `re-Tweet` that is, when one person likes something someone else has tweeted and kinda `copy and pastes` it to their Tweet listing.

              It takes a while to find `the right amount of Tweets` because some bright bunnies like … say … Perry doesn’t Tweet much, whereas someone like (can’t think of anyone who would make the point … anyway some bright bunnies Tweet their fucking beaks off … which fills up your Tweet receiver up to much, so, although they are bright, they are to Tweety to follow.


              • Axionication 3

                I just read the latest Coppola comment. She discussed a good tweeted article thing.
                (I like that Gal a lot! Genuine respect)

                I some how can’t bring myself to do the tweet thing (although we do do a funky version of it ourselves, here at otp).

                It’s remarkable how interconnected much of my ‘go to folk’ are. I basically look at a about half a dozen blogs and some times I find one of these bloggers sudenly talking about another blogger I follow (no prior history…I am sort of good with remembering the threads). Alas, to date, no OTP cross over.

                For what it is worth these are the blog folk I follow (in order of go to’ness)
                Nick the mystic man, Ran Priure (real affinity with this dude), Slate Star Codex (too smart for me but I like to see the way he thinks), John Michael Greer (I like him a lot), Copolla, omniorthagonal (I enjoy this smart dude, wish he would comment more), Joscha Bach (clever little shit), Sarah Perry (way way too smart for me, but she gives me a boner for some reason).
                That’s it. Pretty small pond (echo chamber?) actually.

                • The good thing about `the Tweet thing` … is that it is so anonymous. You sign up and listen-in on what other people say.

                  The Frances post is interesting.
                  I had been thinking how to OTP it.
                  There is something deep in there … but I’m not quite sure what it is.

                  I’ll look into Sarah Perry.
                  I like girls.
                  The boys have to work very hard indeed to impress me.

                  • Axionication 3

                    I may well get into the tweet thing. Yes, I will give it a go in a few weeks time.

                    There is a lot in the Frances post… I will think more on it today (I think it revolves around the ‘I earned it’ concept).

                    The girls (especially economist girls) have something the boys do not have.

                    • Yes, although normally you would think it would be silly to say there is a difference between the `girls and boys` … there does seem to be.
                      I’ll go with – Boys become `economists` … whereas the girls become `girls who learned economics`.

  • CSArichardo

    Microsoft I used mainly for work (productivity tools) but so was Apple originally but they have both evolved ? I love google but you have to out smart the searching algorithms sometimes ? Facebook for social media turning into fake news ? Amazon I have used the least.

    Many appear to be weapons of mass distraction for the population ??!!


  • CSArichardo

    What is the world ? The video switched from the theme of the planet’s evolving nature (impact of space) to human/animal/plant evolution on the planet to the evolving social norms of us humans on the planet.

    Is that really history of the planet or simply saying that outer space, organisms on earth and human society have been and are ever changing ?

    • I could recommend that you `think` and answer some of these questions yourself … but, that is too much to ask – So why don’t you just `guess` something (and call it your own).

      • CSArichardo

        If the past was the same as the future would there be history to talk about ??

        • Yes dear.

          • CSArichardo

            Space Environment – big time cycle (time unit say 10,000 years)
            Earth Environment – Medium time cycle (time unit say 1000 years)
            Human – Short time cycle (time unit a generation/century or 100 years)

            who knows ? almost like economic cycles !!!

            • Go on then … I’ll have another go …

              Yes, yes … and now … ?? … the idea is to go on and make a point (not ask a question).

              Take the idea `almost like economic cycles`.
              Don’t just write it as a question for others to answer. Grab it in your own head and think about it … is it like an economic-cycle~?
              Leave the thought there, come back to it, chungle it about a bit … think about it.

              Don’t just run straight on to the next thing.
              Thinking only takes a second or so … give it that time.

              You are finding `building bricks` and then not `building` with them.
              Build for fucks sake.
              They are only play-bricks … you can always knock’em down and start again.
              It is only a game. It is fun. Think. Build shit~!!

              • CSArichardo

                Space Environment – big time cycle (time unit say 10,000 years)
                Earth Environment – Medium time cycle (time unit say 1000 years)
                Human Consciousness Environment – Short time cycle (time unit say 100 years)