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Oh joyous people of the space-craft earth …

A Woman Who Begged For 50p Was Sentenced To Six Months In Prison In A Hearing Where She Had No Lawyer


Feds knew of 700 Wells Fargo whistleblower cases in 2010




The Economist Thing
As video games get better and job prospects worse, more young men are dropping out of the job market to spend their time in an alternate reality. Ryan Avent suspects this is the beginning of something big


How profitable is ride-sharing for the auto industry? Ask our correspondent.

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  • amoeba

    6 months board and lodging for a 50p beg, sounds great value for society and a fine application of the law.

    From the FT.

    “One thing should not change, indeed should be reinforced: the UK’s relatively generous stance as a donor of development assistance. This was David Cameron’s most admirable legacy. Theresa May, his successor as prime minister, should renew the pledge to the aid target of 0.7 per cent of gross domestic product. The UK can afford this.”

    Send aid to the international beggars but ignore the locals, the UK can afford this…….

    And if you are repeatedly begging for Billions over a decade, then clearly you are in a different panhandler category. RBS being the case in point.

    The UK can afford this…….

    I gave up on the interview. That woman was annoying me.

    Video games as a valid alternative to employment. Yep, way to go. Japan is showing us the road ahead for cyber relationships and games.

    • Haploid
      • amoeba

        Yep, it is time for PUNISHMENT.

        The UK is not a team player, never was and never will be. They can’t even get Team UK together.

        The UK made its wealth through colonising, stealing from and taxing foreign countries. That ended 100 years ago and since then it has been in terminal decline.

        It was probably realised years ago that the UK would never relinquish the GBP as sovereign currency and so could never be a full member of Europe.

        Now Europe will punish the bad guy for leaving, and Europe holds all of the cards. The UK does not, as they say, have a pot to piss in. To make it worse I am getting vibes that the UK politicians are also pissed off, as they no longer have an upward career trajectory.

        Get ready for attacks on services, education, pensions, health care and businesses as they will be cut and taxed respectively due to “Brexit”.

        The UK population voted for “out”.

        They did not expect to be hammered from without and also from within.

        Just my buggered up “mashed potatoes” speaking….

  • Axionication 3

    Probably a ‘Freudian slip’ kind of thing. I read this headline the other day and understood the headline as ‘teenager arrested swearing near president’. I opened up the article out of curiosity to find out what dumb ass nation would arrest a teenager for swearing in front of their President.

    • In the UK (I see this was a US resident) there are only two `obscene` words … fuck and cunt.

      We get back to `freedom`.
      Is he free to shout what he likes~?
      Should she be free of hearing what she doesn’t like~?

      • Axionication 3

        There is judicial and there is judicious.

        Overbearing systems (and the algo’s) remove the humanity from descision making.

        • … and with a six, we go up the snake to Level 3 (where there is no humanity, because it is algoes all-the-way-down).

          If you have time (and patience) do try and get through Gary’s video.
          He is all-over-the-place, but one place he tries to cling on, is to say that although we `don’t do` … we do (are conscious of) being aware of what we did.

          It is all so much fun, because although it sounds so reasonable … it isn’t.

          • Axionication 3

            I got through 3/4’s og Gary’s video. Not a fan (although respectful)

            If life (the universe) is all just a great deterministic ‘unfolding’ then our conscious experience of this unfolding must be a part of this great deterministic unfolding (i.e it too is fully determined). It (we) can be nowhere else or an other. Only the ‘pixy’ type model (s) present other avenues/thoughts.

            • Sorry, I shouldn’t have recommended you watch it (you don’t have the `Gary history` that I have).

              Yes … if we take them to be two `models`
              PM (pixie model)
              DM (determinsticky model)
              Either (both) can have people `talking all pixie` but only one has obvious pixies in it.