The Guardian continues to amaze me with its various comment-sections.
I can’t get my head around the fact that so many people get so worked-up about so many things –


Canadian (I think)


Banking …
… is about `who you know` not `what you know`.
It has to be, because so few people know much about it.


Beware Greeks bearing away deposits –


Daily Maverick
Op-Ed: Are Zuma’s lies catching up with him?


Tolstoy has been touching on an important theme … which can be quite easily summed-up –
`You will get no peace-of-mind if you concentrate on yourself alone … peace-of-mind (or maybe even joy) can only be found in subsuming yourself with someone (or something) else`.



  • amoeba

    Beware the fallacies…..

    The contributers to the blogs are to a large extent self-selecting arseholes with opinions they need to post, and too much time on their hands. For every 100,000 peeps who read an article, 99,999 will not be worked up about it.

    It is an unfortunate collateral codswallop side to the internet, allowing numbnuts to publicise their brainfarts to the entire globe.

    I was in uni when moustaches were in vogue. Naturally I had a moustache. Might have to go with the grey sideburns now they are in. I’ll refrain from shaving their over the next week.

    Young Lisa & co have surely taken Tolstoy to heart. Being at one with the entire universe is about as far as it can be taken.

    • Yes, I often forget that they are not `representative` of `the people` (but are representative of the `opinionated`).

      You is a dedicated follower of fashion … oh yes you is~!

      Being at one with the universe is not a bad plan (if you can get-away-with-it).
      It is a bit like standard God-bothering … being at one with The Biggest of the Big.
      I think being mad about a pet can work just as well.

  • amoeba

    As the UK blunders around with no sense of any direction, except maybe down, as it is gravity assisted and follows the path of least resistance.

    “The UK is sleepwalking into becoming a low-value, low-skills economy which leaves the nation ill-prepared for its post-Brexit future, a respected body has warned.

    The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development criticised Government and businesses for “two decades of underinvestment” that have left the UK lagging well behind its competitors on at least four key measures including literacy and numeracy, learning and development, and digital skills.”

    Loads of investment into the workforce….

    “UK employers spend less on training than other major economies and the gap has widened since 2005. In 2010, the cost per employee was €266 in the UK, just over half the average of €511 across the EU, the CIPD found.”

    300 Quid spent in training for an employee????

    Gawd, the future looks bright and rosy, innit?

    • Question: The UK Government are going to sell-off their remaining stake in RBS at a loss.
      Why do you think they want to / think they have to sell it off~?

      • amoeba

        I don’t think there is more to it than returning the humongous company to the private sector. Has there been a new announcement? Last sale of a few percent was a couple of years ago. The UKFI has not given a timescale or any notice of accelerating the process. They will possibly wait until the bank starts making a profit again. Which could be a while. In the meantime it is becoming an expensive hobby, losing a few Billion each year.

        I don’t know why they have not tried to split it up. There are around eight banks in the holding company.

        The remaining shares in Lloyds bank are being dribbled out into the market over the next eight months.

        Unless the government puts some intense pressure on UKFI, I reckon the “boys and girls” placed into the well paid management team will milk it for as much as they can. It will all chug along at a glacial rate. Might explain why they are not splitting up RBS, it would mean a helluva lot more work and no extra pay.

        • It is one of those things where I read about it, but think I am missing a big chunk of the picture.

          It is not like an old nationalized industry (like British Rail).

          I thinks … why would `taxpayers` (??) buy it~?

          What advantage would `taxpayers` have by buying it, when, via the government, they already own it~?

          • amoeba

            27% of RBS is still listed on the markets.

            You have probably read this quote before.

            “One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute.”

            There are thousands of investors looking for oportunities to make a buck from the very short term HFT trades to long term multiyear holders. The advantage they are looking for is a personal gain, whereas the government held company is a “socialised” gain (or loss).

            I am always flabbered by the sheer volume of trades done daily.

            • It’s gambling (pure(ish) and simple(ish)).

    • I don’t know … worth a go –

      • CSArichardo

        The Day Today – Slamming the wasps of the apple of truth ??

      • amoeba

        That was quite amusing.

        A flashback to the age when we had some humour coming out of the UK.

        • Ah good. I have been moving through the series (including the paedophile special).
          After it is finished, Morris goes on to be `Brasseye`.