The whole thing


If you want to call yourself something … then `I` is fair enough, but do know what you are talking about.

If it is to be you … then it is all of you. One blobby meat-and-potato mass.

What it does, is what you did.
What it feels, is what you feel.
What it thinks, is what you think.

If it thinks – “Shag her~!” … that is you.
If it thinks – “No, she is only fourteen” … that is you.

If you shag her, you shagged her.
If you took her home and gave her over to her parents, then that is what you did.

If you then regret taking her home … then that is you as well.

Please stop this crap where `you` chose to do the good things (and conveniently forget all the other things).

If you done good … you done good, but if you done bad … you done bad.

Every thought is your thought … or, none of them are your thoughts.

It is either `all you` or none-of-it is you.


I think it is going to be very tricky to fight this one off –

Libor rigging: chancellor urged to call inquiry into Bank of England allegations

I mean … really … they will have to try and `keep quiet` this one out, but it is not going to be easy~!


India gets record low bid to build solar power, Minister says

Solar prices are absolutely kicking fossil arse~!



  • amoeba


    I am not sure where you are going with the “personal responsibility” topic. For the “no free-willers” there is always the excuse, “I had no free will”.

    But that can never hold up in law, as punishment for criminal acts is based on some free will in the action, which can be “corrected” by a punishment. Otherwise it is filed under “psychiatric care required”.

    The Libor rate fixing is interesting. Essentially the BoE manipulates the rate with its (covert) monetary operations in the market. Somehow that is allowed. Bullying the banks to be less than honest to achieve the same effect is also allowed, unless you are found out. And then some poor guy is hung out on the washing line. It does boil down to the question of whether the Central Banks really are competent in setting the interest rates, or whether the market should be setting the rates.

    I wonder if the market was left to set the interest rates, would we have so much debt doubt hanging over the world’s economies and would we have these booms, busts and bubbles?

    Ah, the solar.

    Now India is on the ball after China. The West is in for one helluva kick up the bum. If they ain’t a innovatin’ anna producin’ then they sure ain’t a earnin’. As pointed out in the articles I recently posted, China is China’s biggest customer. India is an incredibly chaotic population, but they’ll get there, one way or another.

    BTW China has just got Malaysia to build a rail link across Malaysia so that the tricky container route around SIngapore and up the Malacca Straits can be avoided. China provides the finance and Malaysia pays back over 10 years or so. Should be up and running in five years. Thailand missed out on this, the government has (says the rumours) for decades postponed a canal across the Isthmus of Kra as Singapore drops off the occasional large wad of cash.

    So where, oh where, are the investment thrusts taking place in the West?

    Jeeze, they need to get their arses in gear about 20 years already.

    • I am going where you went … to law … and I really won’t let bother me too much what will `hold up` in law (or not).

      I don’t think that this is a line-of-thinking that should stop, because `the law` doesn’t currently agree with it.

      Do you think that it is a line of thinking that should stop, because `the law` doesn’t currently agree with it~?

      • amoeba

        It is always good to have lines of thinking.

        There is an underlying societal requirement to have people behave within the accepted norms in order for society to function. This requires that other behaviour such as theft, murder and child molesting be seen to be treated seriously.

        Now, I do not believe that, for example, the death penalty for murder deters others from committing murder. It is more a “just feeling” induced in society that the wicked have been punished for evil deeds and “Law and Order” has been restored.

        So we have to investigate how far the threat of punishments reduces crime, whether the punishment or “treatment” can reprogram the mashed potoatoes and whether criminals, who cannot ever be released back out into society, should be kept in a cell for life at society’s expense.

        We have probably all committed some minor offence. As a kid I once nicked a few kilograms of spuds from a farmer’s field. I was not punished, but my mother explained to me that they belonged ot farmer and should not be taken. This I then realised and it never happened again. Became part of my upbringing. Guess my mashed potato was reprogrammed.

        • New post just mashed up.

          Yes, to all of that what you write … but what has it to to do with `my line of thinking`?

          You are not normally backward-at-coming-forward … what is your problem here~?

          Are you just saying, something like, it is best we continue to pretend there is a `soul I thing` in humans~?

          I feel you want to say something … but I don’t think you have said it yet~?

          • amoeba


            I thought I was agreeing with where you were heading. But there again, I do not know where you are building the road to, other than it is a topic worth discussing.

            Nope, not a “soul” thing.

            But is society ready for the “no free will” stuff? Probably a little difficult, as we keep getting bombarded with “you have choices and options”, “life is what you make it”.

            Responsibility is a foundation stone of society.

            • That is it.
              `responsibility` is a foundation-stone of society / civilization.

              What have you got … when your foundation-stone is total crap~?

              We go on about `money` and what it is (and isn’t) but that is only a gorilla-in-the-room to the `no-free-will` elephant.

              • amoeba


                Is it ultimately better individually and for society to pretend that free will and responsibility exist?

                If we rip out the foundation stone then what will be left? I am not sure that is where humanity wants to go. Indeed, I doubt whether it can be ripped out, the illusion of free will is too strong.

                • Re: video on Portugal drugs.
                  War-on-drugs did not work. Treating addicts as victims-of-circumstance did/does.

                  • amoeba

                    The war on drugs, indeed the whole trade, has always had an element of political motivation.

                    One instigator was that twat jobsworth Harry Anslinger, who was desperate for a mission after alchohol prohibition was lifted in the States.

                    I am not contesting the argument that what is criminal behaviour, its roots and how it should be dealt with should not be looked at.

                    Drug addicts can be shown how to manage their addiction, which would be seen as “offering a choice, an option to get out”, and merge back into society. They will probably always have a tendency to use drugs.

                    Should we do the same for serial murderers?

                    Somehow a drug addict managing to control his addiction will not be seen the same as a murderer who is “managing his lack of free will”……

                    • Like all things … start slowly (on the easy/obvious things and then work up to the trickier ones.

                      That is to say … no one has an answer for your mass-murderer question yet, but it may come in time (when the easier things have been digested by society).

                      (Napoleon knew that slavery had to go … but just couldn’t quite afford it at that time)

  • CSArichardo

    To “think it” or “not to think it” means you are thinking it ?!!

    • No … it means there is thinking (or not thinking).