This in the Guardian makes for much fun in the comments-section
Telling children ‘hard work gets you to the top’ is simply a lie

First, it seems that stupid people have to `find their range` by stating some sort of `black’n’white opposite` … so … for this, they say that `telling children not to work hard (for whatever reason) is child abuse`.

Second, they want to tell their own story.

Third, they can kinda agree that getting-to-the-top will necessitate some hard-work.

Forth, they want to tell their own story of working hard.

Forth, they say that you also need `luck`.

Some say that you `make-your-luck` with hard-work. Others that luck is more important than hard work.

No one says that it is luck that you do work hard.

Tiger Woods was encouraged to play golf before he was born. Tiger Woods grew to work-ever-so-hard at playing golf.

He was `given every opportunity` to be a good golfer, but `he` had to get-up-and-work-at-it.

I think he was pretty lucky to be born as someone who can get-up-and-work-at-hitting-golf-balls-about-the-place … not everyone is~!

Some people are lucky to be born as `work-at-it` sorts … others aren’t.


I’m really not sure what this is
A Neural Parametric Singing Synthesizer
but it is lucky-enough to be able to do this –


ECB QE working its way into the European economy … soon~!



  • Axionication 3

    My Level 2/3 thoughts:
    There will always be people pissing and moaning because they did not get to the top (the ‘top’…whatever that is? (glimpse of level 3 comment)).
    The top is the top beacause there are a lot of people (at the bottom) pissing and moaning (maybe a hybrid level 2/3 comment).

    Shit happens (level 3’ish comment)

    If the word ‘suffering’ (yes ok..whatever the fuck our view on that word is) replaced the word ‘top’ then i look at it differently (I would look at it less 3’ishly). No idea what the level would be (at a guess level 2 crossed with a 4’th).

    Ramble…I know…. (Was me punched in stream of consciousness).

  • amoeba

    Rant mode on.

    I do so hate this fucking attitude.

    “Germany’s trade surplus is a threat to global stability, and must be fixed”

    And the plonker goes on to state.

    “In effect, Germany has become an economic rogue state, hollowing out the industry of its neighbours, creating vast flows of footloose capital and undermining the stability of the financial system. It is time the rest of the world stood up to it and demanded the Germans bring it under control.”

    It is the typical “British Loser’s Syndrome”.

    “We are not doing well, so find somebody who is and put the blame on them.”

    I have worked with Germans and Brits.

    The Germans, through the whole of society, seem to strive towards progress and increasing efficiency as a team effort. Weaker team members will be helped and encouraged.

    The Brits are much more self-centered and seem to take pleasure in making somebody else’s job harder and less efficient, or showing them up to be stupid. Weaker team members are ridiculed and taunted.

    So here we have Mr Loser Lynn, who has possibly never strayed outside of the UK border except for two week piss-ups in Bennidorm, firing off a salvo at Germany and Merkel.

    “Germany’s Angela Merkel heads an economic rogue state”

    Pity he can’t analyse what Germany is doing and publish an article about how the UK could improve. But that would be admitting that the German economy is way better than the UK economy, and the Germans actually know how to run an economy successfully.

    And we can’t have that, because we are British, own an Empire, defeated Germany in two World Wars and Mr Trump is our special friend, innit?

    Rant mode off.

    • The Telegraph is `bad inputs / bad outputs`. The Telegraph will make the reader `bad`.
      Just don’t do it.