24 years since a recession in Oz

(I rarely look at the price of gold these-days, but I had a look today)


Good advice from Martin Wolf –


Richard is now available on his own blog … Only the POM

Go and crash around his comment-section (I already have~!)


The reason I am highlighting the shocking shit over at the Guardian … is that, if they can’t do it … who can~?

If you wear fake fur, you are dressing up as an animal killer

These `liberal types` are/were the only bulwark against Free-Market-Capitalists (as `the left` is dead).

There is a good chance the future is going to arise anyway, but it seems these Liberals are ducking-out by trying to be as irrelevant as possible.


Computer says NO! United edition

United now shifts to removing passengers from the flight non-voluntarily. To determine who gets removed from the aircraft, United runs a customer value algorithm. This algorithm calculates the value of each passenger based on frequent flyer status, the price of the ticket, connecting flights, etc. The customers with the lowest value to United are flagged for removal from the flight (it wasn’t a random selection).



  • Axionication 3

    I like Izzies comments on this topic. There must be something in the ‘meme air’.
    (I never realy got ‘Neo Feudalism’ but have recently come to understand it in the techno context.)

    Have a feeling that it (naughty algos & stuff) is going to generate a lot of debate amongst many people. Probably pissing in the wind (as we are more and more relying on the ‘benifits’ they bring and will probably tut tut the undermining).

    • Yeah … they are the future and nothing will stop them.

      I spoke to our local district-nurse yesterday … she was complaining that her life is strictly controlled by `little machines`.

      I think we can all see/feel/imagine the strange inhumanness of this (basically nasty), but Izzie has another point …
      Say nursey does something deadly. She says (rightly) that `a little machine` told her to do it.
      Investigation finds no human(ness) in the machines’s algo.
      Who is to blame~?

      Blame is an important part of civilization~!

      • amoeba

        The “little machines” have been programmed with algorithms designed by top experts using data from zillions of cases. The algorithms and databases will be constantly updated to improve the results and eliminate errors.

        Your local nurse has only her training and limited experience to deal with issues.

        What is the chance of her making a deadly mistake using her limited experience versus the combined experience of many thousands of cases and specialists? If the algorithm makes a deadly mistake it will be analysed and reprogrammed, preventing further cases. Worldwide.

        If the nurse makes a deadly mistake she will be clapped in jail and lose her job. But will a nurse in the next town be prevented from making the same mistake?

        The nurse’s life is not being controlled by a little machine, it is being guided by the combined experience and data of the entire profession.

        The deplorable action of United is not due to an algorithm selecting which customers should be removed from the flight. It is due to humans being cunts. The algorithm would have only ranked the customers in order of “removal preference”, the removal actions were carried out by cunts.

        Really, the algorithm in this case is simply “being human”, a business will always treat its best customers with preference. It is not some nasty “neo-feudalism” concept.

        We can even see the “kicking off the plane” in action on OverThe Peak. The latest is Richard. Does that mean that OTP is some neo-feudalist enclave?

        • Yes … OTP is a neo-feudalist enclave.

          I started by letting everyone post what they liked … but, for-whatever-reason everyone stopped posting.
          (everyone is still free to do so, but don’t)

          In the comment section … at-the-moment, no one is blocked, banned and I do not throw-away or sensor in any way anyone’s comments.

          But … When push-comes-to-shove … This is `my house` and what I say is the law here, is the law.

          I am the rightful feudal overlord of OTP.

          That is the fact of the matter.

      • Axionication3

        It would be seen as ‘collateral damage’. The staticians and rationalists (as per amoeba somewhere below/above) would point out that it’s a better outcome than leaving things to fallible humans.

        People demure to algorithms and systems (we observe this).

        The probability of wide spread ‘misuse’ of these ‘systems’ is spectacularly high. This is where the neo feudalism comes into it.

        (On a personnel level I am not much enamoured by this techno future world! We are not talking about spinning jennies).

        • We are indeed not talking `spinning jennies`.

          Civilization is the root of the problem.

          Civilization is, according to me, established in institutions … that have to `work` (and be seen to work).

          Going to the US may take us on an unnecessarily long diversion, but it may be instructive.
          (I’ll keep it short by going Wiki)
          “Corporate personhood is the legal notion that a corporation, separately from its associated human beings (like owners, managers, or employees), has at least some of the legal rights and responsibilities enjoyed by natural persons (physical humans).[1] For example, corporations have the right to enter into contracts with other parties and to sue or be sued in court in the same way as natural persons or unincorporated associations of persons. In a U.S. historical context, the phrase ‘Corporate Personhood’ refers to the ongoing legal debate over the extent to which rights traditionally associated with natural persons should also be afforded to corporations. In 1886 it was clear that the Supreme Court had accepted the argument that corporations were people and that “their money was protected by the due process clause of the 14th Amendment”—an Amendment that was made to protect African Americans’ rights (Zinn 261). Another example is that in Nike v. Kasky, Nike asserted a free speech ‘right to lie’, while in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Hobby Lobby asserted a freedom of religion ‘right’ to exempt itself from aspects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.”

          It is vital for civilization that The Law knows who to blame (responsibility).
          I believe it is this basis that keeps the West’s shit-together.

          Algoes and mushy-contracts are obviously the future.
          The future is intent on making responsibility as hard to define as possible (because responsibility is expensive).
          This is the price society will pay for having price as their `meta concept`.

          • Axionication3

            Powerfull comment.
            (That’s why I hang here)

            Will have me more thinks.

  • Axionication 3

    I think I hate that music (type). I realy do.

    (Why the fight shit…and the top gear shit?)

    • It is an attempt to show that the different `Levels` are to be found all around the place.

      I think that the `Levels` has been a successful `thinking aid` (which would be forgotten if I just pumped up the Level 3. stuff).

      Yes … if they are anything … They are Level spotting exercises
      (sounds a bit lame now I come to write it. How about – They just happened.)

      • Axionication3

        Yes, that’s fair enough.

    • amoeba

      Nowadays I never listen to music. It interrupts the flow of thunks in the brian.

      That does not mean I do not like music.

      • Axionication3

        You are probably becoming old and tired. It’s common.

  • axel1million

    The UA boss guy did the classic mistake.
    Initially he wasn’t in the slightest bothered about dragging the Asian guy off the plane and breaking his teeth etc etc.
    When he saw the public reaction was going to cost him profits, then he’s all conciliatory.
    Why would that happen? Well there is a lot of evidence that suggests psychopathic people are at the top of big corporations. Not all of them, but I would guess disproportionally so!