Here I am going to talk `kinda scientific`.

The way I look at science, is that it is good … that is, it is right.
The way I look at `science` is that it is not explained very well.
This is for two main reasons –
1. Science is `coming from ignorance` so has to use `old shit` to explain the `new shit`.
2. Words are better-than-nothing, but very soon become `overstretched`.

The word-of-the-day is … `neurotoxin`.

The way into this is … red hot chilli peppers


In The Beginning …

A protobrain has the possibility for being in different `neuronal shapes`.

For our start … we are going to say that something exterior sends in signals that make for a `triangle` neuronal shape (in one area of the protobrain).

((the easy way of continuing is to go straight to `output` but I think that too simplistic))

At the same time as the appearance of the externally caused `triangle` … another part of the brain assumes a `triangle` shape.
The result of these two things being the same, at the same time, causes an `output`.


Okay … let’s go straight to the chilli peppers.

What I have-to-say now is … `just go with me a little on this, eh~?`.

The thing is about `neurotoxins` (scientific-like) is that they `damage` the brain.
This is `inconvenient science for me at this stage … so, I will say that they don’t (except when they are `abused`).


The interesting thing about neurotoxins, is that they don’t actually damage anything. They just carry a message that something is being damaged.

If you burn yourself … the neurotoxin messenger will inform the brain of the injury (the neurotoxin does not go to the brain and start kicking-the-shit out of it).


What we have is … a brain in various states.

If you throw some red hot bits of metal in your mouth … that will change the state of the brain.
If you throw some Carolina Reaper chilli in your mouth … that will change the sate of the brain (into a similar state to the metal example).

In neither example is the brain `damaged`.

The metal is damaging the mouth, but the chilli is not … the brain does not know the difference (because the brain never knows anything).


Which comes first~?


Another one in the drugs-and-the-modern-man series.



  • CSArichardo

    Growing or building a strong personality requires living through painful experiences ??!! From the article it reads:

    “Living requires living through pain, whether it be chronic back pain, job loss, or mental illness. It also requires living with shame — and learning to overcome it. Some research shows that older gay men may be more likely to seek treatment for stigmatized conditions. The authors of the study suggested that their experience with one type of stigma prepared them to better deal with other types when confronted with them. White men, the least stigmatized group of all, lack any such preparation, and that seems to be the only compelling explanation for why in 2014 they accounted for seven in ten completed suicides.”

    • You will think of it as `learning` … and I will think of it as `programming`.

      Same thing.

  • CSArichardo

    If this was terrorist related they would probably have been extradited by now ?? This stuff really does create a dilemma for the justice system or does it ????

    “India has been trying for years to extradite Malkit Sidhu and Surjit Badesha, both of Maple Ridge, B.C., to face trial.

    They are the mother and uncle of Sidhu, a B.C. woman whose body was dumped after her throat was slashed in Punjab. Her young husband, Sukhwinder (Mithu) Sidhu, was badly beaten and left for dead.

    She was allegedly targeted for secretly marrying the rickshaw driver, a man of much lower social status, instead of the older man her family had arranged for her to wed in Canada.”

  • Haploid

    This is ‘scientific’:

    Let’s suppose you are exposed to a threatening stimulus. When a severe stressor occurs, the prefrontal cortex (PFC, our decision-making center) decreases its activity and the amygdala takes over. The amygdala likes predictable behaviors, so habitual strategies will run to combat this stressor. This is the stuff you are good at.

    f the PFC is active, we consider that top-down control. When exposed to a threatening salient stimulus, bottom-up processing via the amygdala is more dominant.

    Stress and inflammatory hormones flooding the system compound this shift, which strengthen the amygdala and weaken the PFC.

    Whatever output was successful in threat attenuation will be positively reinforced by the amygdala. Our reward neurotransmitter known as dopamine increases its presence when a stressor is applied. Outputs used during that stressful situation will be captured and rewarded for occurring. Over time, this process can contribute to chronic outputting (pain, addiction, PTSD, etc).

    If pain fear-avoidance reduces threat, reward. If anxiety keeps you protected, reward. If snorting a mountain of coke keeps you happy-go-lucky, reward.

    The above outputs are the same thing. The outputs that become chronic depend on if maintaining chronicity ensures one’s survival.

    Norepinephrine, our neurotransmitter that gives us that adrenaline rush, initially drives us sympathetically to combat that threat. However, in chronic stress environments such as those mentioned above, norepinephrine will begin to fire to irrelevant stimuli. These changes can now make inputs that were once nonthreatening threatening.

  • CSArichardo

    So red hot chilli boys ! I guess you keep getting your “gets” from these guys !!??

    Now I know why bands have fans !!??

    Repeat “gets” !!