Little gets


Economists are pretty `wired`. They get a buzz out of all-sorts of run-of-the-mill basic living situations.

They get all-sorts of gets … like `Modigliani-Miller` gets on occasions, or the more daily `supply and demand` tingle.

Added to the basic `gets` of their economic-life, they add in the swirling `re-gets` as they replay the moment where they `got` the `get`.

Life must be `quite a buzz` being a `superior economist`.

Life is full of examples of what I am talking about. It could be said that life is what I am talking about.

Imagine you are at an ice-skating competition … and you can spot-the-difference between a `triple-toe-loop` and a `triple salchow` … that is big buzz (and potential re-buzz) material.

Knowing what dichotomy means.

Spotting a Ford Focus.

Boiling a kettle.

… all buzzable.


God Bless America.

Building big (and up) again –


Why Banking Leverage Requirements Are Not Enough


102 people died from drug overdoses in B.C. last month

New numbers from the BC Coroners Service show that 102 people in the province died of a suspected overdose in February.

That’s an average of more than 3.6 overdoses every day, which is just below the average in January. In that month, 117 people died of overdoses, but the month is three days longer.

Both numbers show a decline from December, which saw a record-breaking 142 overdose-related deaths.


Not the baby … but the guy behind, on his mobile, giving someone directions …


  • Axionication3

    How many of the overdoses would be suicide? Or ‘just don’t care’ one way or the other so may as well operate on the edge?
    Sure many of the deaths would be attributable to the variability of the ‘potency’ of the acquired drugs but I wonder whether this factor is not overblown.

    I guess we will never really know (((my questions do have an important point))).

    • This is why I find the subject really quite interesting …

      Suicide~? … No, I don’t think so~!

      When you have a drug-addiction … you have `something to live for`.

      • amoeba

        They are killed by the demands of the brian for an even bigger and longer lasting hit, which override the other bits of the brian desperate to stay alive.

        • Yes … they tend to `overdo` it a bit sometimes.

          I think it a slightly different subject, but I don’t think brian does much being `desperate to stay alive`.

          • amoeba

            Wherever it is, there is “something” that is utterly focussed on staying alive and reproducing, even in the most inclement of situations.

            • No … I don’t think that is right.

              Think of any specific example and you will find that it has to be `made to fit` your statement.
              It is not that I think your statement is particularly `wrong` it is just a wooly way of saying … whatever you are trying to say.

              The human body moves itself away from discomfort.
              The human body moves towards comfort (buzzes).

              The human body is not focussed on staying alive, or reproducing.

              I have used `the human body` on purpose.
              To help yourself on this … think of the elephant, the mouse, the fly, the ant.
              Do you think that the human is `more focussed` that other creatures~?
              Do you think that all creatures are “utterly focussed on staying alive and reproducing”?

              The `focus` (if you must have it) comes from a bazillion different buzzes, that may add up to you seeing it as `focus` but it is more like the complete opposite (whatever that might be).

              So … all round … no. There is neither `something` nor any `absolute focus`.

              • amoeba

                All life forms are driven to survive and reproduce, it is the only reason that living things exist.

                There is no other plan or final goal.

                I do wonder if we humans have indeed reached the final state of robustness. Up until a few thousand years ago, survival of the genes was determined by individual fitness, strength and resistence to attacks by, for example, virus or bacterial infections.

                We are now meddling with that and feeble fuckers are being saved and otherwise barren women/couples are being given the chance to reproduce allowing less robust genes to continue to survive. Even women in their 60’s are through science having brats, presumably passing on the worn and tattered genetic strands they have.

                It is possibly similar to the meddling in dog breeds, giving rise to weird and physically “deformed” dogs based on “desirable aesthetic characteristics” rather than survival.

                I have no doubt that humans will try to meddle with the human genes, with wealth playing a large part in who gets the treatment and what characteristics are desirable.

                • I have sat sitted here for five minutes wondering why I find your opening sentence so piss weak. After-all, it is such a `normal` thing to say.

                  I think what it is … is, that it kinda ignores what I have been saying about everything else.

                  `All life forms are driven to survive and reproduce` … yes.

                  But the thing is, that all life forms are driven in everything they do.

                  Life forms are driven to drink, shit, ride motorbikes and become economists.
                  There is a naive idea that because `everyone` doesn’t become an economist, that the economist must have chosen to be an economist.
                  Bollocks that is. It is just the same as surviving and reproducing, but slightly more specific.

                  The only way not to see this … is not to look at it~!

      • CSArichardo

        Good point ! Most of these overdoses are not self inflicted but unregulated doses, poor quality control of the crooks. Just make it all legal??!! If people know it’s one pill not 2 I suspect most will do one pill but who knows!!??

        • I don’t blame Governments for keeping it all illegal (if I was a government, I’m pretty sure I would).
          But then … maybe they should be able to do better than me~?

          • Axionication3

            Keep it illegal has a great deal of sympathy from me (on balance though I beleive it (all) should be legalised.
            This is a debatable subject.

            (((A clearer (less nuanced) subject is the decriminalisation one.)))

      • Axionication3

        I am sure that you are right.
        (To me it feels that my own programming would see me commit suicide prior to using a despair drug such as meth of heroine. I don’t beleive that I would be allowed to get to that position. Same same heavy alcohol use.)
        A good article (your despair line).

        • I like the use of “loss of hope” in the article. I’m pretty-sure that is key to this.

  • CSArichardo

    Knowing or discovering what dichotomy means? Is discovering not more buzzable than knowing !!?

    • Nope.
      Don’t forget the re-gets.

  • amoeba

    Is the US comprised of lots of little Greece like islands?–416067443.html

    “South Carolina’s pension plan is in trouble. According to the state treasurer, it is 24-billion dollars in debt.”

    They, along with all the other government organisations, have been suffering from the “We can remunerate ourselves as much as we like, coz the taxes will pick up the tab”.

    My neighbour is a constant irritation in this respect. Having worked for 33 years in the local council, when he retired his boss decided to give him an extra five years pensionable service. Just like that. All legal. How the fuck does that work?

    I have a solution. A “taxpayers representative board” in each council and also sitting over the budget of the government. With no ultimate profit/loss and stay in business check on how money is spent, it should not be down to solely academic career politicians to determine how money is allocated in the government and country.

    I am impressed that Trump is already cutting into the massive number of NGO’s. The UK should do the same, they have developed into a pasture and suppluy of well paid jobs for otherwise unemployable ex-politicians.

    • With bonds `high` (in price) and stock markets `high` … then, if pension funds are in trouble now, the-chances-are that they are `really` in trouble.

      The numbers are strange since the Great Recession. It seems that the poor have done slightly better than the rich.
      What you are pointing-out, is that the rich should suffer like the poor in regard to `stop doing inefficient things`.

      We have been here, but spare-a-thought for what everyone is meant to do all day long~!?

      • amoeba

        I hae also not quite understood why the pension schemes are moaing about being in the shit. Everyday we have new stock market highs and the bonds are at an all time high.

        There is probably an accounting thingy in there, saying they need a constant 7% income, capital growth doesn’t fit the model. Which clearly nobody is getting, the DOW delivers 2% yield or so and 10 year bonds also around 2%.

        I read some article recently that said (from memory) around 30% of peeps don’t understand why they are being paid to do fuck all and worry about being found out. Heads down guys and don’t ask.

      • CSArichardo

        When the financial system collapses again either in America or Europe the solution will be to make all debt “good money” !!?? You do that by a guarantee on the asset value ? In the USA it will be state debt and pension obligations as in Europe it will also be state (country) and pension obligations ??!! They will do it together and hence “no inflation” ??

        • That is one big turd of a comment~!

          • CSArichardo

            Think thru what I said in the first two sentences!

            Do you not think that will happen ? They will let a few go bankrupt but then they will put a rescue plan in place to save the developed world ??

  • CSArichardo

    Bad music sometimes deserves what it gets paid ??!

    Like in economics a negative rate was needed in listening and there was no money to take out of the tip jar. He resorted to the next thing most humans do in such a situation…alttle violence ??