Note that you got a buzz from knowing (roughly) what the title of this post means.


We come to a dichotomy … a `T` junction type thing.

If I is to get me jollies … and me jollies I is going to get … at what shall I point me jolly-getting-gun~?

The choice is –

1. Out.
2. In.

I can do me meditation and big-up-me-ego on making for long-internal-zeros (In) (meditation)

Or …

I can play CandyCrush on me phone.

The thing about CandyCrush, is that it can be taken-away from me, whereas strong meditative technique is mine for life.

But, in this world, there will always be a thousand replacements for CandyCrush … and learning to meditate is a pain-in-the-arse.


I remember reading (a good few moons ago) that solitary-confinement is a killer for Western people, but there are other peoples for whom it would be paradise.

The thing is … `there is nothing to get`.

On a slightly different angle. Alexandr Solzhenitsyn wrote `Gulag` when doing time across the chain. He `kept his mind` active, by being able to recite the whole book word-for-word. That was him `keeping his gets together`.


This is a link to `another` America on drugs article.
I am pushing these, to show that the modern brain is programmed to want a lot of stimulus.
Given just a bit of hope, it will normally make-up enough silly-shit to keep its act together.
But, let those `hope levels` drop and the people will `go wild external` for their jollies.


Playing tennis is obvious to get what a `get` is.

Being `in the zone` is `getting your gets` but not internally amplifying them … just yet.



  • Axionication3

    I never knew what dichotomous meant untill a proust loving girl (who I loved) told me I was a very dichotomous person. I had to look it up.

    • Cause-and-effect.
      Now you get a buzz from knowing.

      • Axionication3

        The buzz is not with the knowing (can’t speak for all instances, only for this one).
        The ‘buzz’ is in the memory of the circumstance. I have further buzzes to be had in your ’cause and effect’ words as this was a common conversation piece (the exact words) between proust girl and myself.

        • What I am getting at … is trying to say that `life is buzzes`.

          It is not only what is `the main element` in `conscious life` … it is also the `driving force` of subconscious life.

          It is `how the brain works`.


          The whole thing I am trying to get across … is trying to take people out of `themselves` and into the `dots and dashes` real world of `meat and potatoes` brain action.

          The description is of the `fundamentals` that work themselves up and out into `people`.

          ~Good~ things and ~bad~ things are just so many buzzes.


          On first reading, Proust is hard-work and only good for `bragging` that you read it.
          This is a real-big-long-slow-motion example of the micro-quick `everyday` (every moment) buzz system in action.
          On second reading. Proust is a delight that gives a constant buzz (like the warming of the sun).

  • CSArichardo

    I looked up dichotomy. I do not “get” it !

    Is it “in or out” or more “this or that” or both extremes on occasion ??!

    • Here’s a question that may help you – What does the word `dichotomy` mean~?

      • CSArichardo

        Words that have meaning to me and words that do not have meaning to me !

        • Each word has a different buzz-quotient —
          կատու, cat, catatonic.

    • axel1million

      Sounds like you are in a dilemma?

      • axel1million

        Today I was working on a deep problem, which absorbed my attention to such a degree that I made two cups of tea one after the other with realising I had done so until I finished drinking the second cup!

        It seems system 2 wanted a single cup of tea; and system 1 left to its own devices thought it could sneak in a second cup while system 2 was absorbed in a complex problem.

  • axel1million

    Long time ago happened to have a very repetitive job for a short while.
    The trick I did was to re-imagine chapters out of a previously read book(this was before time time of iPods etc).
    Time passed really quickly, so much so I wanted the shift to be longer, so I could ‘continue with the book’!

    • axel1million

      I recall I would project the enacting of the characters onto the screen of my mind. The screen was transparent like a head up display. I could watch the ‘self generated’ scene from the book or look past it to the ‘real world’.

      I remember telling someone about this ability and they remarked, ‘your probably a genus but don’t even know it!’. I discarded their suggestion and opted for a Christ complex instead!

      • axel1million

        The wider point(often I think people get it when they don’t) is that the ‘buzz’ in one brain is not the ‘buzz’ in another brain. So, what one brain finds ‘interesting(type of buzz)’ another does not.
        This is why advertisers concentrate on ‘societal type buzz’ instead of more obscure stuff.
        Societal type buzz will(in most cases) override the brains ‘natural type buzz’.

        Now the buzz of ‘hey I’m a Proust reader’ is a societal type buzz, and also could be ‘natural’.
        How can we tell the difference? Generally if the person is ‘well read’ its likely to be ‘natural’.
        The ‘Christ complex’ was a juxtaposition to the ‘hey I’m a Proust reader!’.
        My brain was ‘hoping’ someone would ‘get it’, the bar was set high, kind like the lottery player ‘hoping for the big win’!

        • Yes … a silly-little example is a well-known-personality advertizing something.
          — Buzz— I recognize the personality … and the brain links that `good buzz of recognition` to the product.
          Perfectly silly. Perfectly obvious … but has worked (and will work) for ever.

          I’m not so sure what `natural type buzzes` might be.
          Do you mean things like `feeling warm` and `feeling sweet taste` `etc.`?

          This whole blog is `lottery`.
          Prizes for everyone … from refund of ticket-price to `big wins`.

          I do it to buzz myself … and to buzz myself by giving away `buzz opportunities` for everyone.

          I think that the English language is particularly good for playing `buzz games` with.


          As to Axion.
          I buzz (think) that the brain is `buzz driven`.
          As in – The electro-chemical interactions are what gives the brain (brian) the appearance of `doing clever shit` (when all it is doing is `buzzing` (100% ignorantly)).

          • axel1million

            Natural buzz is one you ‘get(s)’ without external societal input. So for example, watching a sunset alone, walking in nature alone. I say alone as watching a sunset with lots of people around could be a societal buzz!
            Societal buzzes are ‘validation buzzes’. Look at me!!.. type things. However, societal buzzes may yield negative results if approval is not forthcoming.
            Society is a crazy mo-fo and probably not a good place to seek the buzz. I view all societal buzzes as ‘lottery’ type buzzes.Not expecting anything but when something does come its a ‘pleasant surprise’ type buzz.

            Its interesting to realise that everything we feel is just the release or withdrawal of chemicals in the brain!

            • I’ll get the video later.

              Before then … can we go back to `words and feelings`.

              I don’t think `cavemen` got any buzz from a sunset.
              That is … `the sunset buzz` (even alone) is `learned` (so `kinda second derivative` societal).

              • axel1million

                That could be the case.
                I’ll class societal buzz as ‘feedback from humans in real time’ rather than ‘buzzes partially(or otherwise) set up by society in a historical context’.
                Its impossible to identify a pure natural buzz without any societal influence.

                • I think maybe we could pull an orgasm in here~?

                  • axel1million

                    Could, but again it would be guesswork.
                    Basically a human could not survive without societal input.

                    The only way to do it would the have machines develop and look after a baby straight after birth – then the isolation of the experiment would be contaminated by the necessity of humans programming the machines with societal influences.
                    Even aliens taking a baby from birth and ‘bringing it up’ would only result in the baby being programmed with alien societal influences.

        • I note also that `acknowledging` a `get` is an `inferior` mode to `internal `superior` humphing`.

          Fucking television quiz programs can be here referenced.

        • Haploid

          IN ‘esoteric lore’ they say the constant urge to seek “buzz” is indicative that the middle chakra point is blocked. These types have a destructive side to them and the constant seeking of a buzz (drugs, alcohol, women, fast cars etc.) is to cover up the destructive side that would otherwise be unleashed on the masses if they didn’t strive for buzz after buzz. Some people just have an addictive personality, some don’t but what’s important is what the underlying state of mind is within the individual and how this could potentially manifest with or without buzz.

          • axel1million

            I don’t know about chakras if they are something or not. I suspect if they are something real they are like some ‘high level language’ abstraction of reality. Which would mean they had some ability to ‘reach down’ to the brain chemical level?
            I don’t know of any correlation between seeking buzz and destruction, except that some people get their buzz from destruction!

            Addictive personality is a buzz loop in the brain. I suspect ‘addictive personality’ is a ‘capture all’ for the various buzz loops. Everyone has buzz loops, food etc etc.

            • Haploid

              chakras just refer to energetic working, remember E=mc^2, mass and energy are convertible. I suppose in terms of “chemical level” you could relate the energetic points to the endocrine system or glandular level. It’s just weird how the disharmony of energetic points can affect ones behaviour, how does that work, one may ask. Whether it be a blocked middle chakra that causes one to be destructive or a some other chakra that’s blocked that causes some other extreme emotion. I guess the ‘destructiveness’ all depends on how much one deems they have to lose, or not lose for someone to go on a destructive course. But yes destructiveness has its extremes concerning an individual level as well as a societal level. Depends on ‘circumstances’ I would imagine.

              • axel1million

                Well, I don’t know? Are there links between those ‘energy points’ and brain chemistry?

                The interesting thing about the brain is it doesn’t need things to be real for it to affect the brain chemistry. The placebo effect being one.
                It seems just believing something to be true can have a similar/same effect as if it were true.
                This is a very interesting phenomenon.
                I think this is where some people get mixed up with this ‘law of attraction’ nonsense. Believing something to be true(while not true) may work for the body/mind, but I suspect it falls down when applied to the external world!