So … the way I am seeing me, is that I get the bulk of my automatically dosed internal chemical stimulations via what, from the exterior, would be seem to be `getting` classical references.
I acknowledge the receipt of quantities of common-reference `gets` … but am pretty sure the classical ones have much more punch.

I think it possible, that the brian runs on `gets`.
Automatically dosed internal chemical stimulations for each `get`.

The child has a major `get` when visual mommy coalesces into a singular concept … and will get minor `gets` every time the concept is subsequently evoked.

Life becomes `getting` (and re-getting).


TGE has a capital grumble

Banks have many ways to raise capital in functioning markets, and even in relatively dysfunctional markets. Even in 2007, if memory serves me right (there was a article on this I can’t find right now, I welcome a source), banks raised something like a trillion dollars of new equity, in order to cover losses in their asset positions. When buyers come and take over a bank, that is an equity injection. Lehman itself was poised to be bought in this way, until UK regulators nixed the deal. Banks can reduce dividend payments, which increases the value of equity, or big payouts to senior employees. If banks aren’t lending, in a functional regulatory market (not ours) new banks can IPO and take over their business. In two weeks, in the middle of a crisis? Maybe not. In five years?

I bet bankers really love using the word `capital` (big buzz) … because they know it just totally fucks with people’s heads.


New Zealand’s Neoliberal Drift
In New Zealand, neoliberal reforms have widened inequality and undermined the country’s self-image as an egalitarian paradise.



  • Axionication3

    I think that the way you have described the ‘getting’ is accurate.

    • Before-I-forget … I had a think about `dreams` this morning.
      I think that a case can be made that brian is still (in sleep) `self-stimulating` … that is, getting as many `gets` as possible during the night.

      • Axionication3

        I tried a float/isolation tank thing a week back. I was impressed.

        Have never been able to meditate (never really tried hard to be honest). I went into a lucid dream/ meditative type state after 15 minutes in the tank. No effort or thinking on getting there, whatsoever.

        It’s very interesting.

  • amoeba

    I particularly liked the bottom of the post.

    Running a “National Narrative”, yep, nice phrase. Pity the narratives do not always match the realities.

    I do not quite understand what the banking post and answer were about. Maybe I am distracted.

    Think I’ll try to get to the bottom of it.

  • CSArichardo

    What was your point on capital ?

    The more “performing” assets that a bank owns that generate fees (on investment accounts), interest (on loans and credit facilities) and other income (capital gains) will increase the potential return on existing capital (ie dividend payouts) or increase the value of existing capital stock (if no dividend payments are made from profits). Not sure what is complicated or incorrect about that ?

    The FED and all banks are one big bank has always been the case? Excess reserves of banks (an asset) occurred when the FED bought/swapped (part of QE) the bank’s US treasuries at market value (higher than face value due to low interest rates/but likely exempt from capital gains) ??? This supported or elevated the capital stock of all the banks?

    • My `point` on capital … is that it should never be spoken of … without first, stating exactly what you mean by `capital`.

  • CSArichardo

    I found this quote of interest from the New Zealand article. It brings into question what are the metrics that count ?

    “If you look narrowly at metrics like inflation and government debt, the reforms worked. If you look at more fundamental economic measures like employment, income levels, and economic growth — all of which free-market policies are supposed to boost — they were a miserable failure.”

    • I think this is the point that `people who voted for Trump etc.` have noticed.

  • CSArichardo

    Is it truth to say…

    “An advanced civilization must not limit its efforts to science and technology alone, but must give full value and support to the other great branches of scholarly and cultural activity in order to achieve a better understanding of the past, a better analysis of the present, and a better view of the future.”

    • Advanced civilizations spend (and have always spent) most of their time `putting out fires` … so have never really had time to address the question (and probably never will have the time to address it).