Good, better, best


We know what `better` is.

It is whatever is top of your priority pyramid.

What could a `better life` be~?

We will throw in … food, shelter, basic safety … what else would make it `better`~?


Is it possible that a better-educated person leads a `fuller` life~?

(this being linked to above, where living a `fuller life` could be high on the priority pyramid)

The question could be put … something like –
Is `ignorance is bliss` possibly `better` than `knowing of so-much, that life becomes painful`.

Or, turned-around … Could the `pain` that comes with `knowledge` lead to a `fuller life` that is `better` than an ignorant life~?


Modern Media. Mainstream Media. Mass Media.

The `references` that are included are `easy` (re-referencing of other `common` media) but I guess they give a-bit-of-a-buzz, but are they `quality buzzes` like I get from classical references in books like Middlemarch, or Ulysses~?
When one gets a good classical reference, one gets a real-big-up the old-ego … don’t you know~!


Bit of a baby-boom-year in China.
When they be older, do you think there will be jobs for them~?

When they be grown, will all this be settled down to normal~?



  • axel1million

    Self discipline = the good life.
    That goes to the top of the pyramid as the process.
    The other things like education, money etc etc are just things to be processed.
    So yes, a self disciplined ignorant person can have a good life, like a self disciplined edumacated person can have a good life.

    So, a note to a Mystic would be. Yes, there may be no ‘self’ to do the disciplining, but there doesn’t need to be. All the brain needs to do is run the process called ‘self discipline’.

    • You touch on something that I was going to elaborate-on tomorrow.

      `Self discipline` is just one thing that someone could have at the top of their pyramid.

      I will start by saying … that I think that anyone/everyone will get `a good-life buzz` from doing anything that accords with whatever may be at the top of their own priority pyramid.

      • axel1million

        I used ‘self discipline’ to go on the top of the pyramid as it ‘aggregates’ to a ‘good/better life’ over the period of a lifetime.
        Lets say someone had getting ‘high on drugs’ at the top of their pyramid? I believe this will not ‘aggregate’ well over a long period of time.
        I think most other things fall short over a long period of time. Maybe there are other ‘top pyramid-ers’ out there but so far I have not seen one to equal ‘self discipline’.
        Buddhist practices etc are good ‘top Py’mers’ but I would include those in the class of self discipline.

        • It sounds like `aggregating to a better life over the period of a lifetime` is top of your pyramid, not `self discipline`?
          Or, does `self discipline` work as shorthand for the other~? (them being one-and-the-same and all).

          • axel1million

            Well, life is complicated and lost of times, (‘some action’) leads to (‘unwanted result’).
            So the self discipline comes as the practice which on average may lead to a better life.

            `aggregating to a better life over the period of a lifetime` cannot be at the top of the pyramid as the ‘action’ which get the result is unspecified.

            However, some are happy to have ‘vague things’ like ‘to be happy’ etc etc at the top of their pyramid. I say good luck with that! Chasing happiness is probably one of the best ways of never finding it.

  • amoeba

    The concept of “a better life” is an elusive aim. And inherently a goal that can never be reached. There is no “top to the pyramid”.

    – Better than what?

    – Better than who?

    – How much better?

    And who defines what is better?

    I vaguely struggle with this everyday. It is, I believe, the most powerful force that fucks with our behaviour. I cannot think of a single action that is not, in someway, construed as being, “for the better”.

    And so all the adverts and politicians play this tune.

    “You will be better off”.

    • Let me give you a potted-version of where I am coming-from.

      Each person has a priority pyramid.
      Whatever happens to be at the top … is, to them … `better, better, best`.
      If they do something that `goes` with `their better better best` … they get a buzz.

      In short … `to each their own`.
      Or, for a `classical reference buzz` (if that is what is up your tree)
      All happy people are alike; all unhappy people are unhappy in their own way.
      If you look for perfection, you’ll never get your buzzes on.
      Respect was invented to cover the empty place where love should be … you know … up the pyramid like.

      • amoeba

        “All happy people are alike; each unhappy people are unhappy in their own way”

        I have always put this down to one of those ultimately meaningless statements, as people are also happy in their own ways.

        “If you look for perfection, you’ll never get your buzzes on.”

        (This seems to conflict with “If they do something that `goes` with `their better better best` … they get a buzz.)

        Another one, be it Germans looking for the perfect technology or Brits looking for the perfect fruitballl team. The striving towards perfection can be, and often is, a buzz in itself.

        I can’t get a handle on the final sentence.

        • The end of the comment was more `my classical buzz` than anything for you.

          The start was for you though~!

          • Axionication3

            My ‘buzz’s’ and hierarchy appear similar to yours. I think I like ‘subtleties’ very much. Specifically classicaly inspired ones. Finding someone on a similar ‘wavelength’ is very enjoyable.

            I have always had a ‘crush’ on Tolstoy. Reading him has often been a similar ‘wavelength’ thing. Intimately identifiable thoughts. Good buzz shit.
            (I remember reading Eliot as I had read somewhere that Tolstoy admired her.)

            (((Chekhov is my one true love. I know of no one like him))

            • I have (over the last three years) given away ninety percent of my books.
              I did not throw out any Chekov.
              In-the-past … I have read (acted) out many Chekov plays, Ibsen and Aristophanes (to Mrs. Mystic as she worked in the garden).


              My posts are obviously not all `cunning puzzles` but I think you have noticed enough to see that they can (should be) read at different levels.

  • axel1million

    ‘Bigging-up the old ego’

    I view the ‘ego’ as something which goes from opaque to transparent. The opaque ego being the one that goes into rumination in order to protect itself. For example, someone commented on ‘DC’s facebook’ page and said, ‘I think you are talking bollocks!!’, the opaque ego will be hat hard by the comment. The more transparent ego will ‘notice’ its taking some flak and carry on without the same negative rumination.

    There is a inherent danger as if one gets to a ‘completely transparent ego’ then walking down the street naked is not a problem for it!

    • Yes … okay …
      System 1 ego = How brian feels about itself (all things taken into account)
      System 2 ego = How brian thinks about itself (all things taken into account).

      • axel1million


        Thinking precedes feeling(I’m not happy with that, but I’ll leave it for clarity?), or thinking informs feeling(yes, rationalisations etc)

        For example, man feels bad about firing employee, then, thinks about it and convinces himself he did the right thing for the benefit of the rest of the staff and the business, therefore feels better.

        In ‘truth’ he sacked the employee because they were a threat to him and his ego!

  • amoeba

    Bad, worse, fucking useless.

    Yet another example of the fumbling, bumbling state of UK administration.

    “The British government has reversed a controversial proposal to raise tax contributions on self employed workers less than a week after it was announced in the Budget.

    In a letter to MPs, chancellor Philip Hammond said there would be no increase in national insurance contributions for the self employed in the Class 4 band “in this parliament”. The U-turn will cost the government £500m a year.”

    Unprofessional, short sighted and clueless. He should never has gone anywhere the NI rates.

    Another is that total twat of a woman Sturgeon in Scotland.

    Headless chickens the size of elephants blundering around in a China shop.

    Sorry for the rant. Had to get it out……

  • CSArichardo

    How about this spin on it !??

    “The world would be better off if people tried to become better, And people would become better if they stopped trying to be better off. For when everyone tries to become better off, nobody is better off. But when everyone tries to become better, everyone is better off.

    Everybody would be rich if nobody tried to become richer. And nobody would be poor if everybody tried to be the poorest. And everybody would be what he ought to be if everybody tried to be what he wants the other fellow to be.”

  • CSArichardo

    Let’s look at life as being measured as “time” in our conscious physical state.

    You mention food, shelter and safety as the basis of filling that time. As less time is required in those pursuits we need to find things to do, to pass the time ? Living longer means more time to fill !

    You can accomplish this my becoming an expert in one field, say a golfer or cook or you can have a fuller life with a less expert life !? Fuller life night be a larger string of activity say being a paper boy, high-school student, life guard, college student, job #1, travel a little, job#2, some might get married and have 1 child instead of 6 children, others might join a political party or just party, volunteer for meals on wheels, job #3, etc !

    Now does the market system only want you to be a part-time (on call full-time) worker, for your life span and at the lowest possible wages ?

    • axel1million

      The market system changes it’s mind as time progresses.
      In the UK there are about 1 million people on zero hour contracts;unemployment in the UK is at its lowest point since 1975. Wage increases are below inflation.
      The 2017 market system not the market system of 1975!

      The market system is going through a ‘great transition’ and will be very different in 2025!
      No one knows what it will be, although economists get paid to guess what-it-will-be(like)!

      • CSArichardo

        An owner of a slave, serf, etc had some level of responsibility for their labours !?? Not sure the new market system will ?!!

        • axel1million

          I think the theme for the new market is disowning.
          The market is not going to want an awful lot of people! Happening now with zero hour contracts. Only wanted sometimes is progressing to being only wanted none times!

          However, human imagination may come up with some solution! Oculus rift V 5.0?

  • CSArichardo

    In search of a “better life”. Had dinner last night at a small French restaurant near the beach. Nothing fancy but great food.

    However there is more to the story. The couple left Dourdan, France for a “better life” in America. The brother (of her husband) was a chef outside Washington, DC and they needed another chef (cooler word than cook !) in America.

    After a few years of that they came to beach country in Florida for a “better life” and opened a small restaurant of maybe 25 chairs for a “better life”. Open 5 days a week from 5 pm to 10 pm for a “better life”.

    In search of a “better life” they had two children.

    This is a real Snow Bird place (Jan thru April) and things slow down in the summer. So in search of a “better life” they close the restaurant most of the summer (6 to 8 weeks) and go home to France !

    Have they found a “better life” ? No …. because the “better life” is not a “static state” but the journey ??!!

  • badartdude

    Trying to build a pyramid
    1. Earth, fire, water, air.
    2. Shelter, sustenance.
    3. Sex, intimacy, or plain old masturbation.
    4. Purpose, something to do.
    5. Looking for a ‘cast iron’ truth.
    6. Waiting to die.

    • CSArichardo

      Wow? Nice list !