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The director of a Midwestern state’s mental health programs emailed a chart called “‘Watch What You Call Me’: The Changing Language of Addiction and Mental Illness,” compiled by the Boston University doctor Richard Saltz. It is a document so Orwellian that one’s first reaction is to suspect it is a parody, or some kind of “fake news” dreamed up on a cynical website. We are not supposed to say “drug abuse”; use “substance use disorder” instead. To say that an addict’s urine sample is “clean” is to use “words that wound”; better to say he had a “negative drug test.” “Binge drinking” is out—“heavy alcohol use” is what you should say. Bizarrely, “attempted suicide” is deemed unacceptable; we need to call it an “unsuccessful suicide.” These terms are periphrastic and antiscientific. Imprecision is their goal. Some of them (like the concept of a “successful suicide”) are downright insane. This habit of euphemism and propaganda is not merely widespread. It is official. In January 2017, less than two weeks before the end of the last presidential administration, drug office head Michael Botticelli issued a memo called “Changing the Language of Addiction,” a similarly fussy list of officially approved euphemisms.

  • amoeba

    Starving fuckers.

    USD 200,000,000 does not save 20,000,000 lives. It is only USD 10 per person, so what is Nomi on about?

    Or maybe she wants 200,000,000 every day?

    However, without wanting to sound like a cunt, there is the real issue of why should they all be even born. As has been observed, nobody ever asked to come here, so maybe a bit of education is required. It is irresponsible for women in poverty to create more babies in poverty, and it is unfair to think that the (no longer) Wealthy West should come along and feed them so that they can have even more kids.

    OK, I am a heartless bastard.

    But the facts are undeniable.

    8,000,000,000 is already too many.

    Stop fucking.

    • You point out the Catch22 –
      It is irresponsible to breed into poverty.
      They do it, because they are ignorant.
      Poverty = Ignorance = irresponsibility = poverty = ignorance …

      Their ignorance, poverty and irresponsibility is not their fault.

      • amoeba

        Have to blame it on genes and lack of free will, ‘cos I can’t see anybody else responsible.

        • CSArichardo

          So how to break the cycle ?

          I guess that was the point of birth control projects sponsored by the UN ?? Birth Control as a humna right !

          • amoeba

            Human necessity.

            Making more brats should require a “parental suitability” exam and a financial plan for bringing the little fuckers up.

            Religious nutters and the poor need not apply.

            • Again … this would be an examination of `ignorance` / `poverty`.

              Countries where it may be `good` would probably be `uncivilized` (`ignorant` / `poor`).

              Just wait … it will come (to even places like Nigeria).

              • amoeba

                Maybe not in my lifetime.

                We’ll be up to 10,000,000,000 fuckers before I’ve depleted the count.

                • Hmmm??
                  Maybe … maybe not.
                  If they get to 10 billion, it will surely be `the peak`.

                  • axel1million

                    We could be closer to the peak than the ‘experts’ think. I would put the peak at 5-10 years out.
                    I suspect the fall could be quite precipitous.

                    • So … that’s Elon Musk is it (never seen him before)

                      At the end, the girl is looking kinda bored … and I could see her thinking – “I don’t know what you are on about. How about we fuck~? I know how to fuck. What are you on about~? Let’s fuck~!”

                    • axel1million

                      Yeah, I think he has the same problem as we have, no one knows what the hell we are talking about!
                      Here is a couple of times Musk was explaining something and the questioner is clearly baffled!


                    • axel1million

                      There are some more out in the simulation somewhere.
                      I have had a look but the code was against me finding them!

                    • I think this links to the `no soul` (no `I`).
                      As in … the base explanation of what we are … is plainly wrong.

                    • axel1million

                      Yes, if there never was an ‘I’ even in the base reality.

                      Slight divergence.
                      The new human economy when the robots take over?
                      Sell your photos
                      2nd life(sell your photos in 2nd life).

                    • CSArichardo

                      Are not all things we do as humans a game and hence reality ? The hunt for food is a game, sex is a game, politics is a game, etc ??!!

                    • amoeba

                      Yep, she was wondering how to get him and his bank account between her legs so they can make wonderful babies.

                      And then she can give up work and live happily ever after.

                    • amoeba

                      Let’s hope he’s right……

                    • CSArichardo

                      About what ?

                    • amoeba

                      About the number of humans decreasing.

  • amoeba

    Globe making 2016

    Still too much labour……

  • CSArichardo

    I would say that there are other forces out there !

    “The position of the Arctic Circle is not fixed; as of 12 March 2017, it runs 66°33′46.6″ north of the Equator.[1] Its latitude depends on the Earth’s axial tilt, which fluctuates within a margin of 2° over a 40,000-year period, due to tidal forces resulting from the orbit of the Moon.[2]

    Consequently, the Arctic Circle is currently drifting northwards at a speed of about 15 m (49 ft) per year.”

    • axel1million

      Well, if its going north its going in the right direction!

  • CSArichardo

    If birth control is a human right why is having children not a human right as well ???

    • axel1million

      For the same reason not letting children starve too death is not a human right!

      • CSArichardo

        Human right therefore does not equal human nature ??

        • `Human right` equals `arse`.

        • axel1million

          Anything you could think up could become a human right.
          The UK government considers there to be too many human rights. Or at least they think some of the ones thought up in the European court are the wrong ones.

  • axel1million

    Did she get her legs from Auschwitz?

    • CSArichardo

      Ah … you can convince yourself of anything … and one way is talking yourself into it !?

      Actually being talked to early in life to seed how special you should think about yourself helps a lot !!?

      Everybody who is special and not as motivated as they should be clearly needs a trainer …named Marisa !!

  • amoeba

    Hope for the Greeks coming from…….China.

    With Britain now finished as a possible gateway to Europe, although the Channel would have been a huge barrier anyway, maybe Greece will become the hub?

    And as trade flows in two directions, the Europeans can take advantage of the return journey, on infrastructure financed by China.

    Gives me a little boost of optimism this morning. Especially after reading a dose of pessimism over the Great Blighted aka United Serfdom.

    • Greece used-to-be Russia’s `gateway to Europe` … so, I guess they are kinda `set up` to be China’s.