Today my big computer would not start-up (I will have to order a new `power in` part.

This laptop was not-so-keen on working in the winter.

Life is odd.

I don’t have the info from the big one, so will tell you what I was a thinkin’ on …

If you think a Ford Focus is `bad` then … is it `bad`?

There seem to be two things on the go here.
First … a Ford Focus exists. It is real.
Second … there is our feelings about the Focus. The feeling is real.

If you think you are Napoleon … are you Napoleon~?

The white-coats (and everyone else) will say `No` … but, your reality is `yes`.


If I say that I think Trump is `good` … does that make Trump good.

I think it does.


There are the two extremes – The Ford Focus (and Trumps) exist on one end of the reality-ruler … and, on the other-end, our feelings about them.

The existing fact end is limited to staying down its end, but the `feelings` can roam all up and down the length of the reality ruler.



  • amoeba

    Let’s take Brexit.

    Brexit might be good in the short, medium or longterm.

    Brexit might also be bad on those time scales.

    Or it might be good at the beginning, bad in the middle and good at the end. Or any combination.

    >50% thought Brexit would be good on some time scale, which I doubt they had even considered.

    <50% thought Brexit would be bad.

    Is Brexit good or bad? Buggered if I know, it does seem predominantly bad at the moment.

    Thing is, we will never know whether Brexit was good or bad, because there will not be a real non-Brexit UK to compare with.

    (Although we can be certain the economists are creating a few more models)

  • axel1million

    That’s Mr Mystic on the R.H.S of the picture(if I’m not mistaken?).

    Looks like you were deep in thought? The rest are engaged in the excitement of being in the photograph, young Mystic is thinking about something else.

    • I’d love to think that I was doing some deep thinking … but that was probably my `photo face`.

      • axel1million

        I would guess the two women on the L.H.S are sisters? Chaps were out for a swim but the ladies were doing some ‘sun bathing’.
        Chap behind is trying to keep out of the photo.
        Early 1980’s or very late 70’s.

  • CSArichardo

    Are there no things out there that we all have the same feelings for ??

    A nice (feeling) sunny day (thing).

    I suppose feelings are the pronoun and the thing is a noun. In that sense every noun can have multiple pronouns ?

    • amoeba

      I don’t think it is helpful to totally redefine a part of the English language to make an argument.

      “Nice” is an adjective, the same as “sunny”.

      “feelings” are nouns, the same as “happiness” and “day”.

      Nouns can have multiple adjectives. And your point is…….?

      • CSArichardo

        Can we ever feel the same about something ?

    • axel1million

      Since you are Canadian, you can make up your own pronouns and under Canadian law I would be compelled to use them!
      Over here in ‘blighty’ we’re stuck with the Queens English.