Everyone it the UK doing fine … except the poor rich –

Independent UK
Taxpayer money paid to private landlords doubles over 10 years, reaching almost £10bn
The National Housing Federation calculates that £9.3bn of the £24bn housing benefit last year went to landlords in the private rented sector, up from just £4.6bn in 2005/06

Yes, but the government has to do something with these people. One can’t have them cluttering up the streets.


The US is feeling better … It is getting the plastic pumping again~!


Cheap holidays to Mexico and Turkey … ya~!


and the ECB keeps on keeping on …



  • amoeba

    So what are the Brits moaning about? Real incomes have gone up, innit?

    I do not believe the story about the top guys being worse off, the economists have not included something important, like bonus payments, asset price increases, pension benefits. There is some misleading scam in those numbers.

    Finished The Trap part 2. Final line was

    “Only two groups in society actually behave in a rational self interested way in all experimental situations. One is economists themselves, the other is psychopaths.”

    Guess that is why the models never work.

    • JMac

      The only thing poor people have is the vote (used to buy themselves welfare payments).

  • JMac

    The robots are coming. Dave: Open the door HAL. HAL: I can’t do that Dave.

  • CSArichardo

    These highlights are classic of Trumps press conference and from the liberal CBC !!??

    He is going to change things ?

  • amoeba

    Running the narrative.

    “Income inequality is at its lowest level since the height of Thatcherism, according to official figures published on Tuesday, with jobs growth and low inflation in 2015-16 boosting poorer households’ living standards while earnings for the richest fell.”

    FT today.

    In the face of what people “feel”, see and read in the media, they have surely got it all wrong. In reality they are better off than ever before, with the rich having a hard time.

    Or not.

    Who knows what to believe, which narrative to cling to?

    • They will cling to their `neighbours` narrative.
      But …
      Brexit and Trump have split the `neighbourhoods`.
      They will just make shit up~!