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How to keep your resolutions (clue: it’s not all about willpower)

It’s hard to think of a situation in which it wouldn’t be extremely useful to have more willpower. For a start, your New Year’s resolutions would no longer be laughably short-lived. You could stop yourself spending all day on social media, spiralling into despair at the state of the world, yet also summon the self-discipline to do something about it by volunteering or donating to charity. And with more “political will”, which is really just willpower writ large, we could forestall the worst consequences of climate change, or stop quasi-fascist confidence tricksters from getting elected president. In short, if psychologists could figure out how to reliably build and sustain willpower, we’d be laughing.

Unfortunately, though, 2016 was the year in which psychologists had to admit they’d figured out no such thing, and that much of what they thought they knew about willpower was probably wrong. Changing your habits is certainly doable, but “more willpower” may not be the answer after all.


Economics analogy for the future:

Teach people to drive … and ignore the people on the radio saying when and where crashes will happen.


How silly is this chart~?


Maybe a trend~?


Is this … `pinkmail`?



  • amoeba

    I did not realise that islamic torching of cars in France had become an annual event. I did not even realise it happens. It would surely make the headlines, but it looks like its relegated as not newsworthy.

    Or the media now fear the wrath of islam.

    2015 : 800 cars.

    2016 : 1,000 cars.

    Why are the French taking this up the arse?

    These things, if not nipped firmly in the bud, tend to spread.

    • It would be interesting to see a European chart of national muslim/normal people ratios.

      • amoeba

        Islam is a fucking issue, but nobody in power is calling it as such.

        There is some weird idea that if they are pandered to, then somehow they will become civilised and integrate, becoming nice muslims and “productive members of the shared society”.

        The west, IMO, have got this shit totally wrong. For islamics, their religion supercedes everything, and the call to fundamentalism is therefore never far away. That is the “pure” islam. It cannot be discussed, argued with or modified in any way shape or form.

        Malaysia has had calls to introduce the death penalty for apostasy in the last two years.

        I unfortunately live less than two hundred metres from a mosque. The imman is relentless in ensuring that the local islamics toe the line. Ten years ago the young women would hardly ever wear headscarves, now even the small kids are wearing them to school, and older women have started to wear the hideous full burka crap, leaving just the eyes staring out.

        I reckon it is time to work on preserving our Western cultures, but we have enacted the very laws which enables islam to spread.

        We are committing cultural suicide in the name of multi-culturalism.

        • You put your finger on the muslim big-thing-point. … In the 70’s, the muslim-world (ex Saudi peninsula) was cool. … Now it is not cool at all. … Why~?

          • CSArichardo

            Because we had a king/queen and the commonwealth ruler was the head of the church that ruled over the lands and represented what was good !! ? Everything was in harmony when the monarchy represented “I am in charge” and “we are a people”. Today the British monarchy no longer represents the commonwealth because the commonwealth no longer exists from both those perspectives ??!!

            As per the last few lectures, with Jordan Peterson, I think we have lost our culture which presents chaos (for us) and opportunities (for others).

          • amoeba

            Lots of stuff written about it.

            The rise of fundamentalism came through the oppression and poverty that affected the islamic populations. They could see the affluence of the western world increasing, whilst their living conditions were stagnant or getting worse.

            The islamic leaders, instead maybe of taking up capitalism and giving the adherents the dream of being successful in this life but at the risk of losing their own power, found it far easier to secure their power and positions by handing out the dream of living in paradise in the hereafter.

            The poor lapped it all up. Which I suppose was not unreasonable for an ignorant peasant struggling to put food on the table.

            “By Allah this life fucking stinks, so I’ll do my best to follow the rules and get something better in the next”.

            • I’m not sure that you are `historically` or `psychologically` right on the nose there.
              Obviously, there is much in what you say … but it elicits a `big but`. That is – The `facts-on-the-ground` were as you describe them in the 50’s and 60’s as well (all through the 19/20th. centuries).

              Why/How did the uncool start in the 70’s?
              The muslim-world goes all-the-way to the Atlantic.
              Hippies flocked to North Africa in the 60’s (not any more~!).
              Egypt was cool.
              Lebanon was super-cool.
              Iran was super cool.

              • amoeba

                I suspect that increasing access to news media stirred it all up.

                Previously they must have lived in poverty, ignorance and relative bliss, thinking that the whole world lived the same way.

                • I’m not sure you are right.
                  My idea would be that this was a `push (for some reason) thing` and not a `pull (from the people) thing`.

                  I do not believe that the people demanded that the Mullahs became more religious~!

                  • amoeba

                    Neither am I.

                    But something got them all uppity.

                    The mullahs became more ambitious in spreading the religion and maintaining their power. I suppose the sight of all those infidels living well and getting rich was perceived as a huge threat. It made the narrative of shariah and the koran being the only true way look a little dificient when, at the time, every successful and wealthy nation had other gods and even man made laws, as opposed to god’s direct dictats.

                    • amoeba

                      Saw that a while ago.

                      Might be worth revisiting once I have got through Curtis’ “The Trap”.

                      Never admit to hearing a thump in your head.

                    • I vote me for the High Priest of the Cult of Curtis~!

                    • Axionication3

                      Should your vote be successful, please appoint me with a ACC oompa-looms priest post.

                      When reading Amoeba’s initial comment I had two ‘thinking things’ in mind: ‘bitter lake’ & ‘confessions of an economic hit man’

                    • Your application has been dully filled with the appropriate authorities. Should the situation change with regard to the adoration architecture for Mr. Curtis, you will be excitedly informified by telepathic transmission of the codeword – `thud`.

                    • Axionication3

                      Thank you kind Sir.

                      Yours in telepathetic anticipation,

                      P. Rostitute