Papiertüten auf dem Kopf

When you think you have been very good,
you think you should be rewarded.
You think you should get what you want,
because you deserve it.
Life does not always work out how you want it to be~!
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The money go-round

As long as it is around, people will be trying to grab a hold of this money stuff.
They will kick and scream and throw all sorts of toys around if they don’t get what they think is `their share`.
There is going to be a lot of screaming~!
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Banks+Governments = 1 package

Central banks get their charters (license to print) from governments.
This is a pact between devils, the banks and the government, who both get what they want – They both get a sugar daddy.
The banks pay by having to submit to governmental regulation.
The government pays with the promise of tax-payer money if things get way out of control.
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