Same old games

As the first session at the INET conference noted, the only way out of the world’s problems is by cooperation.
The Euro area is an important chunk of that world….and it would be neat if it set an example……..but it won’t~!
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  • NascentMind

    The cooperation,  will rely on the structures of payoffs which each state would recive.
    cooperative or non cooperative polices decided by penalties or rewards, and the size
    of the shadow of the future. Also the ability of states to recognize the past cooperatives and defectors.
    The Worst problem of all; The number of players in the game, and the influence of the players in the game.

    More 1914 than 1933.

    •  Yes, unfortunately true…..and will always be so, as long as people expect their politicians to fight their corner (not do what is best for the world).

      For cooperation to work, the people would have to have all they want (and would only be ceding `excess`).

  • NascentMind

    With those charts you could tie in minimum wage structures. Germany and Italy have odd ways of
    setting them.  I think there is a link.

    Its the best list I could find. 

    •  I’m not so sure.  Yes Germany and Italy have no minimum-wage as such, but there are lot of other more important things going on I think.
      The unit labour costs in Germany have been forced down, but the workers did receive something for it….there was a deal done.  This is an adult way of going about things.
      In other countries it is just a rolling guerilla war between employees and employers…..Which is just a way of avoiding reality. 
      The reality being that employers have to live in a commercial world for the goods the employees create ………. and the employees live in a commercial world of selling their labour.

      The world has tried to not talk about the basic reality for hundreds of years …. (except in Germany).

      • NascentMind

        So am I right in thinking Germany must have a strong social contract with its workforce.
        to offset lower pay? 

        •  Put simply – “Ve haf to vork ar arses orf to pay for de re-unitink of da Fadaland”

          • NascentMind

            Ah I see..  Germany wins and others don’t.

            • NascentMind

              Also, if I was a business corporation.  I would have took on East Germany purely because it made financial sense. East Germany was the one of the Largest, stable economy’s of the old Soviet Bloc.

              •  You know people…..they are funny things.
                Give them a war and they get together and work at enjoying it (the daft peeps of the UK would do it tomorrow~!)
                Germany had that `common goal` and went for it….together.   And yes, it cost an awful, awful lot, but it will be worth it in the end.

  • Wvolson

    The Euro Area is a Important chunk of the World. I almost pissed my pants laughing!!!!! It’s So Amazing how everyone thinks they are Special!!! The only ones special I see are the Swiss Bankers! and there friends. By the Way! what do think of the La Pen chick? Word was in the states she was runnin around trying to set up a meeting with ron paul. he was unavailable to meet with her though as far as i saw.
    anyway glad to see your still thinkin about stuff! Hopefully you figure out that were not gonna run out of oil anytime soon. Peak oil just happened cause of a giant Debt Slowdown!