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  • snedmeister1

    Good mornin’ Nick….

    Well said, but I wonder, does the title of the vid stand for Reality Avoidance Techniques..??

    • Hello da Sned~!

      • snedmeister1


        I can almost predict in my mind, some of the rehearsed sound bites you will get in response to this vid….!!!

        • Aye.
          Number one will be – `He is right, the middle class is being squeezed by taxes`.
          All true and very irrelevant to either God or the possible success of a Libertarianism.
          INET live at the moment – (Michael Hudson now) http://ineteconomics.org/conference/berlin/live 

          • Paul

            Hudson is great~!

          • snedmeister1

            Very true, I like this vid…

            When you get into the Libertarian discussion, you will get the trade mark terms “tax farm”, “violence” and of course
            “You offer no proof that people won’t co-operate in a libertarian society”…. or “It’s all the Gov’ts fault”….

            All very simplistic, and predictable…. But you know all this anyway..!!!

            I will give the link a run-by now and pop back in later, thanks…

  • emmazedbend

    Oh so short I was enjoying that.

    •  Hello Emma,
      Maybe one day I will have a big long `bang heads on table` `this is reality~!` video in me.
      I’m looking forward to it.

      • emmazedbend

        If anyone has the talent to ‘bang heads on the table’ it’s you.

  • Paul

    Desperate times elicit aberrant behavior.  Expect to see more of it in the coming years.  Let’s just hope it stays in the churches and tea party rallies.
    Didn’t we already watch this movie back in the 1930’s~?  Armbands?  Banners?  Marching songs?  Lots and lots of marching.
    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
    -George Santayana

  • RIMM

      look on youtube


    somalia libertarian paradise

  • Lyle


    Son Of a Bitch Everythings Real  :)

  • Bigcollapso

    Do you consider the US Constitution, Libertarian and or RAT?

    •  The US constitution is over 200 years old (I think).
      It may be sooper dooper, but anyone who treats it as the last word in sooper dooperness is very silly.

      Just like the people who cling to the bible…….It is just clinging to something for clinging sake.
      Needy, clingy people~!

      • Bigcollapso

        While it is true that the Constitution did not foresee many of the problems of today, it did foresee politicians that like to lie, steal, cause problems to further their power,  and keep citizens in cages.

  • Cba2004

    i guess this will be the last video made by this guy that I will watch. seems that every thing somebody else says its “pathetic”. thats way too arrogant. bye all.

  • John_by_the_creek

    Dear Mr. Mystic:

    [condensed from a Wikipedia entry] “Libertarianism is generally considered to refer to the group of political philosophies which emphasize freedom, individual liberty, and voluntary association. Some scholars of politics, among them Noam Chomsky, assert that in most countries, the terms “libertarian” and “libertarianism” are synonymous with left anarchism.  It is only in the United States that the term libertarian is commonly associated with those who have conservative positions on economic issues and liberal positions on social issues”.

    For the sake of a more complete appreciation of your “general narrative”, it might be helpful to the hard core practitioners of RATs, (and more generally, the uninformed listeners) to hear a more detailed explanation as to why the term “Libertarianism” is to be banned from OTP Land.

    I for one, am indifferent to such a ban. But I am curious as to what you find so objectionable to the term/philosophy?

    • It has been my experience; that people who say the have a libertarian bent, make comments that are seemingly clever, but are actually childish.

      • John_by_the_creek

        Oh, I see.  Well, they must be a boorish lot then.  I prefer the company of sycophants myself, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

        • NascentMind

          You like mass murdering elephants! Dude that’s heavy company! but the price of Ivory is up~!

          • John_by_the_creek

            Ah yes, the ivory.  The problem with harvesting ivory is always removing the tusks.  Except in Alabama….where the Tuscaloosa…

            • NascentMind


            • Paul


      • Mzagar

         And see what the “adult minds” have accomplished.

  • NascentMind

    What’s wrong with people working in a Library?
    I mean, you got have someone look after the books.

  • Guest

    Words are tricky… your average Fox News watcher is used to hearing the word “liberal” banded around as if it’s a dirty word to describe the democrats and people who sympathise with the idea that government should be help people more, yet on the flip side you have people like Ron Paul calling themselves “libertarians” and holding a completely opposing set of values. But that’s not what his rant was about, right?

    I think a lot of people bring their own values and labels to the discussion, and start with them as the foundation of everything they say rather than looking at what’s going on and having an honest look at things for what they really are. 

  • axionication1

    The left pilfers ideology from the right. The right from the left. It’s all jumbled up…yet thought of as gospel.

  • Michael Byrnes

    If you place your face REALLY close to a painting, you can begin to see more precisely what colors are what, what brush strokes were used, etc… but from REALLY close in, it’s hard to see the whole picture. Equally, if we look at any single ideology in its detail, it is hard to see the big picture. Ahhh, I can almost hear someone ask, what, then, IS the big picture (at least relevant to OTP)? See the cliff? All of us, whether we are conscious of it, or not, may indeed be doing the Willy E. Coyote thing with our legs as we try to keep running on air rather than terra firma… Not a single ideology will save us from the forces of gravity. We will fall. The question then becomes, when we find ourselves in a new place of nothingness, will we begin to reuse the old ideologies to build a new life for ourselves? Or will we begin to use multiple ideologies together like tools in a tool chest? Or will we invent new tools (without the whole ideology thing attached to the tools)?

    • Paul

      Good point!  The one think we should have learned from the 2008 Economic collapse is that the world is very, very inter-connected now.  Will we be spouting our partisan ideologies as we all stand on the bread lines?

    •  I would like to hope that we can stop rummaging about in the `ideologies toolbox`.
      The tools in there were developed for past problems.
      We can throw out all the ideologies without throwing away the knowledge~!

  • Bugs

    America made great strides, as an economic power, from the end of the Civil War to the start of WWI under conditions that more closely resembled ‘libertarian’ principles than what was to come later, a corporate/managerial society with slower growth.  

    I wish you’d make your complaint more explicit.  Or perhaps another video where you rise above an exasperated gasp.

    In the end, the political validity of the libertarian view depends very much on what the other choices are, does it not?

    •  Have a little check round the economies of the world for the time you talk of (1865 – 1914).
      All of them were ‘under conditions that more closely resembled ‘libertarian’ principles than what was to come later’.
      I won’t say `all`, because I don’t know about them all; but the ones I know about were `making great strides as economic powers`.

      Oil was discovered in about 1850 (if I remember me right) and the world was finding all sorts of wonderful things to do with it.

  • amishlandTodd

    Simply a fabulous video.

    • Thanks Todd,
      I was just riffing off what you said about `social pressures`. 

  • M__F

    I don’t understand why today’s reality should affect our evaluation of potential future realities. To me, there are just 2 questions- what is the best way to organize society, and how do we start working towards that end. I think we’d both agree that the reality of today’s world is NOT the best way to organize society. So I think we have to throw out all the assumptions and start thinking from a clean slate. When I do that, and think about the problem unencumbered by human traditions, I arrive at the conclusion that a free market would be best. I see a free market as an evolutionary search algorithm, and I believe the best way to organize society is to let that search run freely (http://sailboatdiaries.com/wordpress/2011/02/25/the-free-market-an-evolutionary-search-algorithm/). I agree that this reality isn’t possible today, but who cares? How long it takes to get there is irrelevant, I’m interested in what’s best and how to start moving in that direction.

    • Paul

      A regulated free market that protects the minnows from the sharks.  Feudalism and Slavery were free markets; worked for a few, not so much for most.
      I believe govt is incomptent, so its role should be limited. But, I also believe that unchecked greed overrides morality.  Laws are required for a society to function for the benefit of all.

      How are the boat repairs coming along?

      • M__F

        That phrase, “free market” must mean something completely different to you than it does to me. To me, it means exchange in the absence of coercion. So feudalism and slavery were not free markets. And there’s no such thing as a regulated free market, unless you count distributed regulation from each of us choosing who we do business with.

        I’m all for laws, just not a monopoly of dispute resolution. I think that has unintended consequences that outweigh its supposed benefits.

        I don’t think greed is a problem. Greed encourages people to help one another. It’s why your trash man takes away your trash, and why the lady at the drive-thru hands you your burger, because they want to buy stuff. Greed is only a problem when coercion is involved, and then it’s not really greed that’s the problem but coercion.

        Boat repairs are going well, I got my inverter installed so I can produce AC power off my battery. Thanks for asking :)

        • Paul

          You will definitely need AC if you plan on sleeping on your boat in the Caribbean this summer~!
          Glad things are moving along smoothly.

          “Free market” as opposed to a State-controlled economy; think Soviet Union.  State factories, state price fixing, state distribution, state monopolies.  Utter failure.  Free market allows smarter and harder working players into the market, thus improving production and quality, reducing prices, better distribution channels, etc.
          Laws and regulation prevent abusive and illegal practices.
          Under slavery, cotton was freely traded on the open market, primarily to the northeast and Europe.
          Under Feudualism, crops will freely traded by the Lords of the Manor.
          In both cases, there was a functioning free market for the benefit of the owners.  The slaves and serfs exchanged their labor for food, shelter and protection.  Free for the masters, not so free for the workers.
          Greed is good if it advances technology, quality and reduces prices.  Greed is not good if it creates a moral hazard which forces taxpayers to bail out a rigged banking system.  Liar loans?

  • ZarathustraSpeaksAgain

    I think that what is happening in the US is that the tax system places a heavy burden on some and a much lighter burden on others. The upper middle class and lower upper class seem to be hammered by the tax system and they seem to be the ones who are most likely to to be Tea Party Republicans and Libertarians.

    The human monkey thing really struggles to see the bigger picture or do the honest math. The words you read are really like a Dogma of Libertarians and Tea Party Republicans.

    Good rant!

    •  I agree.  Desperate people do desperately silly things.

      It has shocked me how quickly the `non desperate` have been in seizing the desperate and using them like rag-dolls~!?

    • Mzagar

      It is definitely not only upper middle class people that get hammered.

      Here are a few examples from Finland (if you want to operate in the right side of the law);

      1. You have a small transport business (One van/truck), and want to help a friend move. No can do, you have to pay tax-on the transport for each km based on an estimated fee per km, even though you would not charge anything. The Vans/Trucks are monitored, with a devise attached to the truck. (Note, foreign trucks are not monitored).
      2. A hair dresser cut her colleagues hair, and does not charge for it, but still has to pay the tax on the estimated fee.
      3. … the same applies for all the branches … from accountants to doctors.

      The charges are pretty high as you need to pay VAT 23%, Mandatory state pension 22%, … message do not be independent.

      An other one;

      A mother with two children on social benefits, can not work as a freelancer creating web-sites or what ever, without taking a risk being excluded from the benefit system for 3 months also risking to loose the the apartment even though she would inform that she will work for one week on a project. The rents being very high, but subsidized for those obtaining social benefits. Message being, better not do anything, especially do not try to stand on your own feet.

      The new proposal from the government is to centralize management of all schools, meaning closing lots of schools and creating ever larger educational units.

      It is not only the upper middle class that is getting hammered, it is all the people. The debt system leaches like a parasite on the society. Finland’s government debt is next year about 105b€, and keeps rising, and ever more interest is leaking out from the country.

      Saying that they who work for individual liberty, are avoiding reality, is very strange. What are those doing who endorse wealth extraction for unknown entities. Perhaps hypocrisy ?

  • Mzagar

    Libertarians, hmm what are they ?

    Here in Finland the right wing is more socialist then the Socialists, and the very right wing “Nazi-onist True Finns” are almost communist. Bashing someone or something should first be defined. Is it ok. to lie ? Is it ok. to steal ? Reality is to accept debt slavery, … I guess Mystical logic is working mystically.

    Again, as before I think although you (Nick) are sincere with the macro economic reality, the corruption is surprising. A recent example is public purchasing in Finland, where the purchase outcome for many of the cases/project are decided well before the official “competition” starts.

    Call them Libertarians, or what ever you want, but I support people that work together, supporting each other, learning, building and creating. I have to say more than once the “established” reality is that the leaches and parasites are growing their power keeping their positions, kicking out nurses and teachers from their work, evicting old people from their homes and leaving them on the street. Recently an evicted man from a government home, torched himself after being left on the street with his furniture (he was in his 70s). On the same time the city increases parking tickets from 40€ to 90€, and the city mayor purchases a table for his office for 70k€.

    I recently calculated my pensions, after paying more than 500k € into the pension system, I currently will get 390€/month pension when I am 65 y (will probably increase to 67y). RAT my ASS, who stole the money ? The reality is that the only way is to take responsibility for your own, as you really can not trust the current political establishment. If the libertarian goal is to help individuals and communities to be more independent, I will support them.

    Related to religion Christianity and Islam. There is a reason why usury was banned, that has nothing to do with avoiding reality, but it is reality.

    Perhaps a Reality Check is needed.