Re: Mystic Money


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  • NascentMind

    I think there is a difference from merchant commodity notes and direct commodity exchange  that were used in ancient times.
    To the Promissory notes developed in the later centurys that were enforced through debtors prisons.
    Evolutions of systems are open to corruption and artificial gain advantage by humans
    Two systems Merchant notes the rich elites. Promissory notes for the hoi polloi 

  • snedmeister1

    I have tried to watch many Garry vids, but I end up not really concentrating on his point…

    Maybe it’s just a Sned thing….???
    I always just end up watching him, and asking, “Is this man always so angry”…???

    The bizarre thing is, the bits I do take in, show him as very intelligent, which kind of makes me try to listen the next
    time he pops up etc….
    But I never finish a video having digested the info’ start to finish …. It just doesn’t “flow” for me….

    Perhaps it does for you…??? 

    Nothing against the man really, but I suppose certain styles either catch your attention, or they don’t..???

    • NascentMind

      Gary has a lot going on upstairs, but its made him misanthropic. So makes him look a bit mad. I do like to watch him rant.

      • snedmeister1

        Nice choice of word… Misanthropic….

        Must remember that one..:)

  • Paul

    Gary made some very valid points.  I agree with the basis of his argument.  His style of presentation is rough, but the content was good.

  • Guest

    What was the point of this video? 

  • joebhed

    I have always wondered what the world would be like if you awoke one morning and decided that you were going to agree with everything that Nick said, as much as possible, and concentrate, with questions and suggestions, on the impossible differences that would still exist.
    Even when you agree with Nick, you disagree with Nick.

    I have one basic question for you.
    How can you deride debt absolutely per se, and then have a special negation for ‘un-collateralized’ debt and funny money and SIVs and derivatives and such?
    If debt itself is bad and to be avoided at all costs except as a last resort, then how can you say there in nothing wrong with the money system when the money system itself is founded upon debt, and when every dollar in circulation IS a debt and we cannot have any money unless it is issued AS a debt?

    Have you ever watched Dr. Ben Senf’s lecture on the debt-based money system, and how those “ownership claims” as you call them (in reality monetary assets) are the tool for concentrating wealth and destroying economic democracy?


    OK that was not one question.

    But this is all one observation about the solution, Gary.
    It is only achievable rationally and with an informed sense of purpose.
    We’re not going to kill off the rich.
    We’re going to take away their enrichment tools – like the money system.
    Because there IS something wrong with the money system.
    Nick has come that far.
    We ain’t getting out of here except through that door marked “Your Money System – Enter Here.