What are they scared of~?

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  • snedmeister1

    Guten tag Nick..!! :)

    The article referring to the job miracle in Germany, is the image I always have when discussing Gov’ts with different people…

    Big business exploiting people ( which is easy when there is a surplus of jobseekers )….

    Wages would get squeezed and squeezed, which is why I feel a Gov’t will always be required to regulate etc… 
    It is just the balance that is required to get right ( It always comes down to balance, doesn’t it….??? )

    Link 1 doesn’t surprise me either, people just lap up that credit..!!!  

    It was interesting to see you found some MSM, peak oil news though..!!!

    • http://overthepeak.com/wordpress/ Mystic

      Like, er, yeah….I got a tag.

      I tink da ting is now, dat da governments are going to back da businesses to `get competitive` (but kinda forget that they are trying to get competitive with Asia). 

      • snedmeister1

        Which methods can you see in the Mystic mind, being used, Nick…??

        Are we talking bigger tax cuts for them…. ( in the hope they put the money back into investment in the company etc )…??

        Or providing ways of them employing more contract labour etc using economic migrants etc, ( for the same reason as above )…??

        Or did you mean something else entirely..??

        • http://overthepeak.com/wordpress/ Mystic

           Another day.
          Keep pumping TGP and that will be what they will want.
          They will all want to be `little miracles`~!

    • The German Perspective

      It’s 9,500,000 people in staffing services – German: Zeitarbeit. The word already says that it is supposed to be for a time (Zeit). The result of Schröder’s “Agenda 2010 Reform” of 2003 is that staffing services have exploded and are booming. That leads to some really weird results. The German labor market is empty. The government has managed to push the majority of unemployed into staffing services which allows the government to cook the statistics and allows the staffing companies to make some profits.

      At average the workers are paid 6,82 Euro per hour, while the companies charge an average of 25 Euro…that’s what happens if a labor market is turned into a market economy.

      • snedmeister1

        Evening GP…

        Are the Staffing Service jobs in Germany, you mention, similar to the Agency posts held in the UK…???

        In the UK, companies use these agencies as a way of employing people without paying their benefits… ie pensions, redundancy
        and even sometimes sick/ holiday pay….!!!

        The companies pays over the odds per hour to the agency for an employee, but they do not have to pay these benefits…

        The company wins, the agency wins ( as they take a cut ), and the employee gets squeezed..!!!

        P.S. I know I have asked before, but I am still intrigued as to how your English is so good…???
        You have said before you are German, so were you born in Germany, but spent time living/ working in an English speaking country, or 
        did you have an English relative in your household..???

        Forgive the intrusive question if you can, but reading your posts keeps popping this question in the brain…!!!

  • NascentMind

    That is what they are scared of.
    When  the power game reaches a balance, the system breaks.

    The Pointless game.

  • CSArichardo

    Prices rising 2% (as per CB targets) and wages falling 5% is 7% inflation…but that will never be measured that way !!

  • Slough of Despond

    I am amazed that they can get away with those slave wages in Germany!  It is criminal.  Surely, it must be better to live off welfare (“on the dole”) than to actually work for a living. 
    Anja is a Russian name, so I suspect she must be an illegal worker from Poland, Ukraine or Russia.  But, I might be wrong and she could be a German citizen.

    For comparison to the United States, minimum wages vary from state to state.  Most states adhere to the Federal minimum wage, which is $7.25/hr.  Georgia and Wyoming have the lowest wage at $5.15/hr, while Washington state has the highest wage at $9.04/hr. 
    Washington also does not have a state income tax which saves you about 7-10% per year off your gross income.             Ref:     http://www.dol.gov/whd/minwage/america.htm
    4 weeks X 40 hrs/week = 160 hrs/month (variable, can be higher)

    Georgia monthly wage:  $824/month
    Washington monthly wage:  $1446/month

    Both Georgia and Washington have relatively low costs of living (outside of the metros Atlanta and Seattle).

    • http://abellia.myopenid.com/ Andrew

      This isn’t quite correct.  The federal law supersedes state law when the state minimum is below the federal minimum.  From the DOL web site:

      “Many states also have minimum wage laws. In cases where an employee is subject to both the state and federal minimum wage laws, the employee is entitled to the higher of the two minimum wages.”

      • Slough of Despond

        I read that as well.  I am not sure what that means.  If the Federal wage always trumps the State wage, then why bother having a lower State wage to begin with? 
        If, by default, the lower State wage will be superceded, then all states should have either the Federal minimum wage or an individual States’ higher wage. 
        Am I missing something here?  Perhaps the lower State wage only comes into play with restaurant workers who receive a lower hourly wage because their income is dervived mostly through tips, thus bypassing the minimum wage.  I am not a waiter in Georgia, so I do not know what it means.

  • Willbick

    Hate to be so boringly un-conspiracy-theory about it but I think the main reason you dont see a lot about peak oil in the MSM is simply that there’s not a lot of ‘copy’ in it. Once you’ve explained the fairly straightforward facts of the matter there isnt much else to say about it. Plus the fact that there’s no exiciting images to show on TV you basically end up with a pretty ‘boring’ news story.

    The MSM is a commercial business with the aim of getting lots of viewers/listeners/readers. Peak oil as a ‘news story’ might get some interest for 1/2 hour (as long as it takes to explain the basic facts) and thats about it.

    • Slough of Despond

      Good point.  Also, the advertisers on the MSM are paid by many corporations that do not want the Peak Oil story to go mainstream.  It might dissuade consumers from using their credit cards to purchase even more unnecessary crap.  But, make one Hollywood dystopic film with Brad Pitt and Lindsay Lohan about the perils of Peak Oil, and then you will see the story headlined in every news outlet.  Pathetic.