Balancing The World Economy


Greg Mankiw / Paul Krugman / NotAYesMan / The Three Fedsters / Martin Wolf / Archein / Pettis / House votes

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  • marco

    I guess currency wars means everybody’s £, $, Yen, euro etc buys them less stuff?. If that’s correct, then, how does that “look” like deflation (with respect to “stuff” prices)?
    This website is looking good, Nick. – Sometimes I forget to click to the next screen while you are speaking, and so get a bit lost. It’s useful when you make it obvious to “move to the next screen”

    • Oh dear, that has got me thinking.
      There were 13 `next screens` in this video.
      I can’t say “next screen”, or “moving on”, 13 times~!?
      Maybe I could ding a little bell~?

      Your opening comment could be the subject of a video in itself.
      “I guess currency wars means everybody’s £, $, Yen, euro etc buys them less stuff?”
      It shows up the strangeness that is `general debasement of currencies`.
      The Pound is now considered `strong`. But strong against what?………and compared over what time period?
      The dollar is `weakening`, but is still stronger than it was when it `even weaker`.

      Maybe this is why gold is attracting so much attention. It is possible to say (though not prove) that gold does not move in price…… is the currencies that move in relation to it.

      Anyway – `deflation`~?
      Think of this way maybe……….The stuff you have got, you will less money for it, if you sold it. But, any new stuff, will cost you more money to buy.
      (it doesn’t make sense, but then, none of it does)