World Economic News (Thu 24th. March ’11)

Japan and the world, Jobs, Selling MBS, Fed, Swords not plowshares, Yemen Saudi, Syria, more of the world.

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  • SeanTheLight

    Seems to be the wrong video uploaded, unless you are running a rerun from yesterday. Nah, not likely. Check upload please.

    • Thanks Sean~!
      Yes, I uploaded yesterday’s again to Vimeo….will be an hour or so to get the right one up.

  • Anonymous

    Dots of history. Yes.

    Djibouti had more shitholiness about it than Yemen. Shitholes indeed.

  • Anonymous

    You can find the price of the Tomahawk on Wikipedia is $1,066,465.
    Considering the savings from not using pilots, airplanes, aircraft carriers, and all their maintenance costs, the Tomahawk is cheaper. It is an economically efficient way to create trouble (war) as fast as possible.

  • Anonymous

    Land of the setting sun article has some fine points….

    It mentions debt problems, aging population, and natural disasters, along with natural resource problems…
    Oh, and a broken window fallacy thrown in for good measure…!!

    Good find Nick, and as stated a few WENs ago, all eyes should be on Japan at the moment, as an
    indicator of what to do, and what not to do, when these sorts of problems come home to the rest
    of the world….

    My only query is about lack of immigration, I know the population is aging, but is already overcrowded…..
    Back to the “peak” issues again…. :)

  • Hey tried to get on your site with my smartphone well the charts show up and everything else just that the video part won’t work, I have an android phone. Maybe I don’t have the right browser on my phone.