World Economic News (Fri 11th. Feb ’11)

US mortgages, Counties tax fraud, Fed rate rise, Dayton destruction, QE boosts stocks, Irish banks, Irish central bank, UK trade deficit, US corn, Israel inflation, gas prices, dentists.

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  • Anonymous


    I wonder if a condition of Greece joining the Euro was to have over 125 dentists per 100,000 popultion, and
    really, they are just a conjuration of Goldman Sachs, and do not exists at all, besides on paper…???

    :) :) :) Just joking :) :) :)

    Did you notice David Cameron visiting a Honda factory today, mentioning our reduced need for oil reliance…??
    Well at least I now know the answer to yesterdays question: They do know about the pending energy problems,
    but don’t know what to do about it…..

  • Randall

    America has doubled its production of corn over the last four decades while planting on essentially the same amount of land, and some experts think the US can double corn production, by 2030. This leads me to think America plays the corn equivalent of oil-rich Saudi Arabia. Some will say in the future “America is reaching Peak Corn”, however the stalks just keep sprouting larger yield with every gene manipulation Monsanto provides.

    • Mystic

      That is an awful lot of tortillas, but what else~?

    • dbudlov

      monsanto probably the most evil corporation on the face of the planet!

  • Randall

    On Dayton Destruction, lest we forget New Orleans is struggling to deal with more than 40,000 abandoned properties, far more than any other U.S. city. And in these wastelands, some 3,000 homeless find refuge every night. Remove the structure and land plots could be recycled for communtity farming if only there was a plan. Maybe some of the California redevelopment workers soon to be made redundant (read my “American Group” article) could find their way to New Orleans.

    • Mystic

      Oh no, I don’t think Californians move to New Orleans………do they~?