iTulip says…….

The global economy will be shaped by three key drivers over the next 10 years: Peak Cheap Oil, Debt Deflation, and the end of the US Dollar Centric global monetary system. This video depicts the Peak Cheap Oil process and its relationship to Debt Deflation and Dollar Decommissioning.

………..and so say all of us~?

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  • Snedmeister1

    Happy new year, Nick.

    A big concern of mine, is how energy intensive modern farming is. This was highlighted to me by a video posted in one of the forums by EmmaZedbend recently.

    As busy as I have been lately, working away to pay down my debts, it has been ticking away in “the brain” :)

    I know from previous videos by yourself, that you have a garden growing your own food, and the concept interests me….

    Do you think you could post future vids, as you tend your garden, explaining which veg you are planting, methods you are using, and the times of year certain plants grow??

    I also wonder about the amount of area required, and maybe how much food you get from it, and how long it lasts you etc??

    You are busy I know already with WEN, so maybe no specific videos, just film as you work maybe, so as to minimise the work required by you??

  • Very nice presentation.

  • CSArichardo

    Great little video … it gets you thinking !

    Naturally everything is more complicated than it seems and once you think you have figured it out … the rules of the game get changed !

    Equilibrium is not the end desired state for people, nations or a global economy if you are on the loosing end of any of these drivers. Watch out for intervention.

  • spritrig

    Part of peak oil is a result of oil fields being made unavailable due to inept management. Exxon’s using single hull ships, BP disregarding engineering and safety, are all due to bad management. Too much debt is due to bad management.

    Maybe it is actually all one cycle of management idiocy.

  • James